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Hi there, I’m Grace.

I’m known for my refreshingly human approach to productivity, resilience and work life wellbeing.

As keynote speaker, I’m your Chief Encourager and Struggle Strategist, helping big-hearted leaders and forward-thinking organisations build a future-ready culture to innovate in adversity, lead in uncertainty and build strong relationships in challenging times.

As a Productivity Ninja I give people practical, playful ways to manage their workload, inboxes, meetings addiction, attention, energy and wellbeing.

As a coach, I help you rediscover a sustainable, meaningful and joyful relationship with work.

As an author I’m often asked “Have you been inside my head?!”

I love sharing insights and experiences that bring honesty, hope, humour and practical encouragement into everyday challenges.

For me, productivity isn’t just about getting stuff done. It goes beyond efficiency or even effectiveness, into the whole work life experience. Doing work in a way that does us good, as well as the good we do for each other.

If that sounds good to you, you’re in good company.

“Productivity is knowing when to work, and when to let the work breathe. Breathing is an act of trust.

Grace Marshall

How do you do your  Best work?


Not just in the ideal world, but in the shitty times.

When you’re wrangling a project that’s just not working. When a curveball lands and knocks you off course. When someone drops the ball and you think ‘gah I don’t have time for this!’ Or you do, and think ‘what’s wrong with me?!’ 

When you’re navigating so much change and uncertainty the phrase ‘new normal’ has gotten old.

When you’ve lost your mojo, your edge, your rag… or your cat.
(Because let’s face it, it’s never just work.)

Ready to start a fresh conversation about how we as humans do our best work here?

Youre in the right place.


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A more truthful, hopeful, useful conversation about struggle.

The surprising truth, beauty and opportunity

hidden in life’s sh*ttier moments.

“The antidote to fake positivity… An honest, uplifting, refreshing read.”

Marianne Cantwell

Author of Be a Free Range Human

“A beautiful blend of the poetic and pragmatic, Struggle is a fresh, soothing and helpful take on dealing with the ups and downs of life.”

Caroline Webb

Author of How To Have A Good Day &
Senior Adviser to McKinsey & Company

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