21 ways to manage the stuff that sucks up your time

A little book packed with 21 simple, practical tips and techniques you can put to use straight away, to help you manage the stuff that sucks up your time, and have more time for what really matters.

A word from Grace.

“My productivity journey started when I got fed up with saying “I haven’t got time!” I was juggling two young kids and a middle-child-business. I didn’t work standard 9-5 hours. I didn’t even have an office. Most of the standard time-management advice just didn’t apply.

Short and sweet, this one’s for the jugglers who haven’t got time to read a time management book!”

Grace Marshall

Claire Dowdall via Amazon

A really practical and handy guide!

“This is such a practical book, with easy to apply tips with a common sense approach that many other books lack. I read it from cover to cover in a couple of hours and was able to immediately apply some of the tips and try some of the tools that Grace recommends, which have already been really beneficial. It’s a book you can dip in and out of as needed when you feel overwhelmed and just want to remove some clutter from your life! And Grace’s writing style is so human that it feels like she understands you and is speaking directly to you as someone who’s been there. I’ll certainly be keeping this book handy for when I need it and would recommend it to anyone that needs to take control of their time. Thanks Grace!”

A Reader via Amazon

Voice of sanity

“I’ve become a bit of an expert on time-management books since the birth of my little boy. Most of them contain one or two useful insights and a couple of hundreds of pages of padding. But this book is different. It’s a sort of meta-survey of all the helpful tips, arranged in a sensible order that’s easy to use. When you’re overwhelmed you don’t actually have time to read any book, but this one is slim and to-the-point without neglecting deeper issues such as the anxieties that can sometimes underlie procrastination. I’m finding it a great practical help and its calm friendly tone makes me feel much more sane. It’s become a friend, and I feel better just for having it in my bag. I think it’s super-good value, too. You could spend hundreds of pounds and hours of reading to get this far.

Pete via Amazon

Get your to-do list under control

“Grace has put together loads of brilliant tips and ideas in a very straightforward and simple way. I love how she’s tackled time management from a number of angles – looking at the things getting in the way of getting things done as well as practical strategies.

I’ve already seen the benefits of putting Grace’s approach into practice and I think this book will be one I dip in and out of to keep things on track.

This is a gem of a book for anyone who wants to put their time to better use to get the things important to them done – not just in business but in any area of life.”

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