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Grace Marshall

Lovely to meet you!

Hi, I’m Grace – Head Coach, Chief Encourager and Productivity Ninja (yes, that’s a real job title!)

For the last decade I’ve been helping people explore how they do their best work, whether they’re grappling with procrastination, imposter syndrome, control-freakery, distractions, endless emails, mindless meetings, never-ending to-do lists, hybrid working or the work life juggle.

I’m naturally disorganised. Turns out that gives me a different perspective on productivity! My clients tell me I have a knack for understanding what’s going on in their heads. While I have plenty of tools, tactics and tech tips up my sleeve, my focus is always on people first. Because when you understand how you work best, you can then put the systems and strategies in place that will enable you to thrive, do your best work, and enjoy both life at work and life outside of work.

I care about doing work in a way that does us good (as well as the good we’re doing out there in the world), and love working with creative, compassionate, talented people who care about being world changers, rather than world beaters.

Grace Marshall
Grace Marshall

Head coach, Chief Encourager

As a qualified coach, NLP practitioner and DiSC facilitator, I bring both a psychological and a practical perspective to productivity. My clients tell me I have a knack for helping them untangle their brain spaghetti and get to the heart of what’s getting in their way.

I find speaking to you so transformative in my confidence and motivation. Driving back from Anglesey this morning, I felt quite flat and full of dread – after speaking to you I feel like I can take on the world (or my world at least) and I can’t wait to get started!
– Sarah Jones, Chief Executive, Mencap Liverpool


Award-winning author

My first book ‘21 Ways to Manage the Stuff that Sucks Up Your Time’ was hailed by readers as the ideal book for people who don’t have time to read a time management book and topped the Amazon UK bestselling ranks for Time Management, Business Management and Small Business Entrepreneurship.

My second book, ‘How to be Really Productive: Achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends’ won The Commuter’s Read category at the CMI 2017 Management Book of the Year Awards, where judges called it ‘a breath of fresh air’.

My latest book ‘Struggle: the surprising truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s sh*ttier moments’ has been described as honest, uplifting and ‘the antidote to fake positivity’.

Grace Marshall

Productivity Ninja

I joined forces with fellow productivity author Graham Allcott in 2012, to become Think Productive’s first female Productivity Ninja. Over the years I’ve trained and taught over 10,000 people in the practical, playful ways of the Productivity Ninja – from startup founders to corporate managers, artists to engineers, students and CEOs. Officially based in the Midlands in the UK, my workshops and speaking tours have taken me from Norway to New York, with stages ranging from corporate headquarters to a tent in the New Forest.


100% Human

I live in Stafford with my husband and our two teenage kids and a perpetually bouncy puppy continually working on being a good-enough parent, most of the time, with intermittent lapses into hopelessness and brilliance. I’m always learning – from authors, speakers, clients, colleagues, children, and my own mistakes – and I love sharing what I discover along the way. I can’t sew, rarely iron, my kitchen is always messy but my food tastes good! 

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