Sometimes you get a feeling of conviction so strong that you just have to do something about it. Other times, it’s a lot more subtle, a whisper of air that’s only just noticeable if you concentrate really hard.

Yesterday saw me acting on both. For a while now, I’ve been really keen to meet other coaches, to get talking about this profession that I’m coming into, bounce around ideas, share backgrounds, stories goals and perspectives, make everything that bit more real. Shop talk essentially, which is funny as that’s usually a taboo when meeting with colleagues socially. I suppose in a profession where we tend to work alone and often remotely, having that opportunity to just connect face-to-face, creates a good space I think, to just be our professional self without ‘working.

I didn’t really know what to expect – it’s not everyday you seek out and arrange a meeting with a complete stranger simply because you share the same profession and are within travelling distance! Thankfully coaches don’t tend to be psychotic and as it happens, I had a lovely time in Birmingham, with delicious food, great company and stimulating conversation. I felt rather honoured when I was stopped with "hang on I’m going to write this down" and I came away with a stronger sense of my coaching identity. Thanks Rosalyn!

Then in the evening I had a session with my own coach, who is helping me on my journey from trainee coach to practising coach. We’ve had some great sessions previously, tackling specific goals and barriers, and last night I found myself without any obvious issue to work on. But I started talking anyway, and Claire started asking questions, unravelling my words and picking through my brain, and voila there it was, a rather important, impending issue that was really quite obvious once we found it, and by the end of the session, I felt much more confident and prepared for my first potential marketing opportunity.

Sometimes what we want, or what we want to change, isn’t obvious. We just get a sense, big or small, a call to action that’s unspecific. Maybe these are the times to take a leap of faith. Trust your gut instinct and just take action. Do something. Create motion, and see what happens.

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