Breaking out of boxes

Carrie Wilkerson has been asking over at Blog Barefoot “Why do you want to build or grow your business? What fuels you?”

And I agree with Carrie, it’s not about the money. Yes money enables choices and funds the things I’m passionate about but money itself isn’t my why.

Here’s what I replied with:

My why, like many work at home mums, started from a yearning to do something I enjoy, am good at and make a difference to other people, as well as be with my children, nurturing, teaching and enjoying them while they are young and still let me 🙂

Over time it’s evolved to encompass a passion for breaking out of boxes, because who we are is so much more than what we do, the roles we have or the circumstances we find ourselves in.

So just because I’m a mum, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice having a fun and fulfilling career, and likewise just because I work, doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my children! And for my husband, who’s an amazing dad, to be able to spend more time with our children, because being a dad is so much more than being the guy who brings in the income.

For my kids to know they can absolutely be themselves and carve their own path in life, that they don’t have to bend, squeeze and mould themselves to fit in, that they be a blessing and be blessed simply by being themselves and giving their all to what they choose to do in life.

For my clients to be more energized, inspired and fulfilled because they know who they are, what’s important to them and that’s what they design their life and business around.

And to contribute more time and money to causes and projects that give voice to lost identities, and hope to restore broken lives like this anti-trafficking organisation.

How about you? What’s your why?

Image Credit: Flickr/Motorito

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