Due Date – and a BIG thank you

Yesterday, after 40 days of writing and nearly 6 months of waiting, I finally launched my book, 21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Up Your Time.

Something that started out as a fleeting, pie-in-the-sky, ‘what the heck’ moment suddenly became very real and very public.

Like any proud mama, I announced it far and wide, be it with butterflies in my stomach. What I was completely bowled over by, was the support and shout outs that came from so many wonderful friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, local networks and beyond.

It was a good thing that I had a packed day of networking, family engagements and panto rehearsals, otherwise I would have been glued to my computer clicking refresh every second!

And it was at my Busy Mums networking group when I had to let out a Woohoo when I saw these:

#1 in Time Management

#1 in Business Time Management

#1 in Small Business Entrepreneurship

#1 in Business Management

Wow. Just goes to show, what crazy, breathtaking, scary goals can be achieved, when you have the audacity to go for it, and wonderful friends who rally round you.

I am truly humbled, in awe and grateful from the bottom of my heart. Wow and thank you are my words for today. Oh and squeeeeee!!!!

If you’d like to check out the book, it’s available for £3.97 at Amazon.co.uk and $5.97 at Amazon.com.

If you’ve bought it already I look forward to reading your reviews (gosh that’s another scary thought – eek!) but most importantly seeing the fruits of what you achieve as a result having more time for what’s truly meaningful to you.

Once again, thank you SO much.

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