Today’s question crossed my mind a couple of days ago but seemed particularly relevant today, especially this morning when I was suddenly stumped with no power and all the things I should have done earlier: starting up the dishwasher, laundry, charging up my mobile, printing off work for my Indian head massage course tonight, even checking my emails.

I had no excuse really, as it wasn’t a power cut, but a scheduled appointment to test and certify all the electrics in the house. I did have my laptop though, with a few hours of battery time, although sadly offline as the wireless router relies on mains supply.

Oh and I persuaded them to let me plug the kettle back in for a few minutes to make a round of teas – ok I didn’t really have to persuade very hard. (I can’t start my day without tea though, and incidentally it is supposed to be good for you too.)

So the question for today is

Where does your energy come from?

And by that I mean the energy that fuels more than just our physical being and makes us feel alive. (although ironically it’s a question I must have said a thousand times in my last job marketing renewable energy)

I guess it’s something I often take for granted, and when it’s run out, it’s a bit too late really. The last thing you want to do when you have no energy is to go out and look for some, so it seems like a good idea to identify what some of my energy sources are, to tap into and keep myself topped up on a regular basis.

Some of mine are:

  • Tea!
  • Music – the kind that makes me want to play really loud, jump up and down and sing along (and yes, I’ll confess, the occasional power ballad)
  • Sunshine
  • Exercise
  • Fruit
  • People – connecting with people, having even just one conversation makes all the difference to my day
  • My little boy’s laughter

I think I’ll try and make a habit of bringing a little bit of these things to energise my life every day.


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