When my best friend E swapped a very good life and career in the UK to deliver humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and then in Haiti, she didn't know quite how to take comments from people saying how amazing she is and how proud they are of her.

"Anybody can do this." she said. Which is true.


Like the three mums who are on a journey to give a voice to the 9 million children under five who die every year.

Their mission: "To be able to tell our children that once it was normal for children to die of easily treatable illnesses but that WE CHANGED THAT."

I love it when ordinary people choose to do something out of the ordinary.

It excites me beyond belief.

Because it proves that amazing choices to make a difference are not limited to the power of a few. It calls to life something deep at the core of our humanity, to reach out and make a difference, to change the world. Even when we haven't got everything figured out, when sometimes we're not sure how we'll get through the day ourselves. To simply choose to do something, and take it one step closer to what it should be.

Now that's extraordinary.

E's right. Anybody can do this. It doesn't take a genius IQ, six-figure salary, or elite expertise (which some people do have and do use to help those who need it most). Some people have less visible gifts. What it does take is a whole lot of courage, honesty and willingness to step out and serve with the little you have in your hand and everything you have in your heart.

Here's to E, Josie, Eva and Sian, these recently departed from Afghanistan, and all the extraordinary heroes out there.

You can follow the progress of the mummy bloggers via the Twitter hashtag #Blogladesh.

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