Eyes wide open

When you look at your week ahead, what do you see?

A heavy schedule – or a week full of opportunities? A diary full of meetings – or decisions you can influence, relationships you can build and conversations you can give your voice to? Pressure to perform, or the opportunity to do your best work?

Do you see the challenge or the opportunity to stretch? Do you see gaps and limitations, or do you see what you already have, and how far you’ve already come? Do you see the person you’re not or the person you already are?

Do you see the person who’s asking for help? The person who’s unusually quiet today? The person who needs a smile, a word of encouragement or a hug?

When plans fall through, do you see curveballs or plot twists? Failure or the opportunity to do something new? Doors closing or new beginnings? Delays and cancellations, or space to be still?

When somebody let’s you down, do you see frustration, neglect or incompetence, or an opportunity to start a new conversation?

When it looks like nothing’s working or paying off, do you see the ditches that you’re digging?

Do you see mess, or a plan that’s coming together? Chaos – or beauty in formation? Emptiness or space to brew new dreams?

Perspective matters. What you see shapes your world and how you live in it.

What do you see today?

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