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Five Reasons to Celebrate

21 Apr 2014 | Being Human

Need a reason to celebrate? Here are five to get you started:

1. Celebrate what you have achieved, not what you haven’t

What are your proudest achievements this year so far? And what qualities did you need to achieve them?

Often our focus is on what hasn’t been done. When life is busy, it can be tempting to keep pressing on until the adrenaline runs out, forgetting even to pause and savour that moment of ticking it off the to-do list.

When we celebrate our achievements we generate fuel for the next steps. When we recognise the strengths, qualities and resources it took to get there, we discover the gems we can leverage and build on going forwards. As Tom Peters puts it “Celebrate what you want to see more of.” 

So put your achievements on a “Ta-Da!” list and celebrate what you’ve achieved.

2. Celebrate what’s ongoing and what’s coming

Sometimes we feel like we have to wait until something’s completely done before we give ourselves permission to celebrate. On big projects it can feel like we’re working forever and not seeing results, and that’s often when we lose motivation and momentum.

Just like on a construction site, the foundation stages of a big project can involve a lot of work, and not have much to show for it. After the foundations are in place however, and because of those foundations, the building shoots up and things take on a much more rapid pace.

Celebrate what you are learning, what you’re putting in place to equip and enable your growth. Get excited about what you are building and who you are becoming.

3. Celebrate what you have overcome

It takes strength, courage and determination to reach for your goals. It takes a whole lot more to keep reaching in the face of adversity, to keep on getting up when we fall down, and to overcome obstacles.

Even if you’ve survived it by the skin of your teeth – instead of thinking “phew I’m glad that’s over” or worse, “what’s the next disaster going to be?” celebrate the fact that you have, even if it is “I can survive for a year on 365 nights of broken sleep.”

Some of the most inspiring people are those who have turned their stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and use their experiences, their stories to help others.

4. Celebrate what you have

Whether it’s good food, a hot shower, or the people you have in your life. Simply being thankful for what you have means you can fully enjoy it for what it is, not what it should be, might be or what it isn’t.

I love how in the UK we celebrate every time the sun comes out, but it’s also funny how it comes with conversations along the lines of “How long will it last?” and “Is this it? Is this our Summer?” almost looking for the cloud to go with the silver lining. Personally I’d prefer to see the good weather as “one of our summers” enjoy it while it’s here and look forward to more to come.

5. Just because

Come on, why do you need a reason to celebrate anyway?

There’s something wonderfully restoring and energising about celebrating for the pure enjoyment of it. My daughter taught me this lesson when she was two, copying me saying “Woohoo!” with the cutest voice. For about ten minutes we just kept copying each other’s Woohoo and giggling like mad!

So if you feel like celebrating, take a look at what you’ve achieved, what you’re building and who you’re becoming, what you’ve overcome, what you have or just celebrate because you want to!

Whether that’s with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, a party or a bubble bath, a Woohoo or a dance, phone a friend, share on Twitter, have a big giveaway – whatever makes you happy, do it in celebration.

Over to you – what are you going to celebrate today?


  1. naomirichards

    I love the just because. I think we need to make a mental note of all that we do and achieve and keep it front of mind when we feel like we are making slow progress.

    • Grace Marshall

      Thanks Naomi! It does makes such a difference when we celebrate progress doesn’t it?

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