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It’s easy to ride high on the energy and enthusiasm at the beginning of a new year. It’s also easy to crank up the pace when the urgency of a deadline at the end of year approaches.

What about in between? How do we maintain momentum in the middle?

It’s all about flow.

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I like to think of flow like a river.

A river flows because it has banks, which provide structure. Without banks, it would be a stagnant pool, rather than a free-flowing river. Equally, if the banks became too restrictive, they could act more like a dam and cut off flow.

It takes both space and structure to create flow.

Which is why I run Baby Steps as a 40 day programme – to put a deadline in sight, a finish line to aim for, with the structure of daily baby steps and weekly check-in’s, to create just just enough pressure and plenty of space to get things flowing.

“I joined the 40 Days because I really need deadlines or I don’t get anything done. Being self employed, there are really no consequences for not meeting a “deadline” unless I make myself accountable to someone else.

The program was fantastic and you get what you put into it. Being able to connect with the group daily and see others accomplishments and get support was great. It gave me purpose and accountability, and Grace gave some great advice which I now use on regular basis – sometimes even hourly!”

Brenda Caley, RMT

Want to get your momentum flowing? Come and join us on the 40 Days of Baby Steps.

How do you create flow? Let me know what works for you in the comments below.

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