Have you ever tried to focus on something that’s too close, and the harder you stare the more out of focus it becomes?

Over the past few weeks I have been making tremendous progress in learning and experimenting with various aspects of planting and growing my own business. I’ve broken through several comfort zones, tried new things, gained confidence and clarity about who I am and what I have to offer, and even found myself inspired with the bare bones of a programme which might well turn out to be something of a niche.

So, armed with this inspiration, the support and encouragement of a fantastic group of abundant coaches, and a boost of momentum and confidence from what I’ve already achieved, I went steaming ahead… and hit a wall.

It’s more a wall of fog than a brick one. I can feel all this energy around me, but I can’t see a damn thing. The answers I seek are right there, I know it. I attempt to take control, grapple with different techniques of divination – discussions, brainstorms, references, research, writing – and it feels so close, but still I end up doing an impression of my son’s protests of frustration: "Can’t reeeeach it!"

Maybe there’s something in the air, because I know quite a few others who are experiencing a bit of a sticky patch. Who knows? One thing I have realised though, the breakthroughs and inspired moments I’ve had over the past weeks, have all happened within moments of being told ‘it’s ok, you don’t have to come up with it right now’, and somehow, being let off the hook unleashed my brain and allowed my creativity to flow again.

This time, I have to let myself off the hook, take the pressure off, because trying hard (maybe too hard) is just not getting me there right now. Essentially I have to step back from this fog, and see what happens. Maybe I’ll get a different perspective, discover a path I haven’t seen before, or maybe the fog will just dissipate. Either way, I have to have faith, that I will come up with the goods, and they will be good enough at just the right time and that will be that.

So my focus is changing. Today is all about freedom – I’ve done my finances, which frees up tomorrow, cleared some clutter to free up space in my home, and I’m writing this post to free up my head from the mental workload and pressure that’s had my brain on constantly.

I’m going to have some fun tonight, and a proper day of rest tomorrow.

Then on Monday I’ll start up again, with a fresh perspective of simply being curious. Experiment and play with the fog, and see what happens.

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