I’ve been restless this week. Strange, since I only just had a lovely weekend away with family and fine food. I even had a bout of insomnia on Tuesday, which came as a complete shock to the system as my usual problem is trying to stay awake. I’m putting it down to running full pelt since Sunday evening, and while I’ve had some wonderful working moments, I haven’t really done anything just for fun.

So I’ve been exploring fun in my head, and had two realisations.

One is that I am happy being a social bee. In my younger years, it didn’t matter what I was doing as long as I was around great people – whether cheering on bands in dingy pubs, playing Scrabble and drinking tea at the union bar, singing drunken karaoke, being thrown around the dojo racking up some impressive bruises, or just chatting till the small hours of the morning in the kitchen of number 18 (or was it 19?). Anyway my point is it didn’t matter so much what I was doing, more the company. Considering most my friends are scattered around the globe, my husband gets the same joy from space that I do from crowds, and I’m not really in the position to go wandering out every night anymore, this one will need more thought´┐Ż

The other one’s a lot easier, doing things just for fun. It’s an absolute blessing to find work that I get passionate about. But I do need to give my brain a break sometimes and have some thoroughly unproductive fun. One example is reading. I’ve finally managed to find time to read again (hurrah!) but I’ve been devoting that time entirely to course books and other coaching related literature. No wonder I’m craving creativity.

Having turned on my radar for good fiction, I found a link in my inbox this morning, which lead me to Fiona Robyn and from there what looks like a fascinatingly useful coaching resource for work and a promising novel for fun.

And for almosthonest, this one made me think of you: Fidget

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