How to recover your post-holiday productivity mojo

September’s here, schools are starting back and dare I say, there’s a sniff of autumn in the air.

Are you ready and raring to get back to work? Or does it take you a week or two to get out of holiday mode and get going again?

If you need a kickstart to reboot your post-holiday productivity mojo, try this:

Renew your vision

It can be tempting to dive straight back into the inbox, catch up on everything that’s been on hold (or going without you) while you’ve been away, get back on that hamster wheel and run as fast as you can.

But taking time to renew your vision – whether it’s dreaming up something brand new or picking up where you left off – can revive your focus, energy, passion and motivation and make the difference between “getting back into it” and “BRING IT ON”

Book a date with your coach, your team, your accountability partner or with yourself to renew your vision and start the term on your terms.

Get one thing you enjoy into the diary

Especially if there’s stuff on your to-do list that you’re not looking forward to – and even if there isn’t – add a spoonful of sugar and get something that excites you firmly in the diary, the sooner the better.

It could be a networking event, a client meeting, a date in the studio just you and your art and no-one else, or something else. Whatever makes you come alive, fired up, on purpose and obsessive. Do that.

Shake up your routine

Sometimes a small change is all we need to reboot our brains. A new blend of coffee, a fresh scent of shower gel or if you’re a stationery geek like me, a new notebook and pen.

Or it could be packing away your holiday stuff, resetting the alarm, or deleting candy crush from your phone (I find games way too addictive so only indulge during the holidays :))

Something to mark the end of one season and the beginning of another. And by all means, book your next holiday if that’s what you look forward to!

Too many ideas already?

I’m returning to work after a month off. I’ve had a brilliant summer with the kids, and while I’ll be sad to see them start school (especially with my youngest starting full time this year), I’m also trying hard not to run at everything in my business like someone breaking a fast at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

So I’m reminding myself of something I often tell my clients – treat your ideas like a menu. Choose, taste, savour, enjoy, then come back for more.

What about you? How are you starting your new term?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you’d like my help with getting from ‘meh’ to brilliantly clear, get in touch!

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