If your business was a person…

If your business was a person, what kind of person would it be?

  • Is it a newborn baby that demands your attention every single second of the day
  • Or an awkward teenager that shows a lot of potential, but constantly challenges your control, patience and expectations
  • An old dotty aunt, who doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going
  • A wayward cousin, always escaping ruin by the skin of his teeth
  • A champion athlete, out there breaking records, winning medals and preparing for the next big challenge.
  • Or a distinguished old gentleman, relaxing with a pipe in one hand, a twinkle in his eye, and an assured confidence that everything is running like clockwork.

Mine’s probably a toddler, starting to take shape and develop its own personality. Growing a flavour of independence, but still demanding a lot of attention and nurturing. Somewhat temperamental and prone to sudden changes and challenges.

Where is your business now, and what would you like it to grow into? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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