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Impossibility, Weaknesses and Going Free Range

5 Dec 2012 | Being Human

My friend Marianne Cantwell has an exciting new book out soon, and we caught up last week to record this video for you.

Tune in, as we talk about those pesky weaknesses we have, what’s really going on for the people who always seem so confident, how to do the impossible and being a free range human.

Check out Marianne’s book and get your free chapter at – you’ll love it!


  1. Marianne Cantwell

    Thanks for interviewing Grace! You always ask the best questions and get me all excited 🙂

    • Grace Marshall

      Ah you know how to make a girl smile Marianne! It was fun talking to you – can’t wait to see the book in print! 🙂

  2. Naomi Richards

    Great video and looks like an interesting book. My kind of book! Coming from someone who likes to be a bit different

    • Grace Marshall

      Thanks Naomi! It’s a great book, you’d love it.

  3. Naomi Richards

    Looks like a fab book and something I would have been interested in given my ‘unusual’ job.

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