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Journey to work a daily grind? How to make your commute more productive

Nearly four million of us spend two hours a day travelling to and from the office. Here’s a guide to making that time well spent.

Three Habits to Foster a More Resilient Culture

As we start to reimagine what our world of work might look like post-lockdown, with the possibility of hybrid teams and flexible working, there’s one thing we know for sure. Uncertainty is here to stay. If change and uncertainty are our new normal, here are three habits we need to foster, to create a more resilient culture in our organisations.


How to be a really productive leader

“How do we do more with less time?” is the age old ‘holy grail’. But maybe that’s the wrong question to ask. As the pace of change, the volume of work and the deluge of emails continue to rise, here are five ways really productive leaders think differently.


Could Work/Life Balance Be The Answer To The Productivity Crisis?

Have you ever found yourself staying at your desk later than 5.30 simply for fear of being judged by your boss for heading out on time? Do you often find yourself eating lunch at your desk, missing out on your lunch break entirely? You’re not the only one!

How to switch off and have a life outside of work

Let’s face it, we live and work in a world where work never ends. There is always more work to be done – more calls we can make, more emails coming in, more meetings to attend, more ideas we can follow up on.

How to be more efficient

Ten top tips on how to be more efficient when conducting personal admin, in collaboration with General Accident Insurance.

Are these 3 myths stopping you from being more productive at work?

We are constantly trying to be more productive at work, but perhaps we are trying too hard?

What happens when you try to please everybody

So you think you want to please everybody? Here’s what really happens…

From Dream to Done: 3 Essential Ingredients

Have you ever had a dream? One that you keep somewhere in the back of your mind as something you’d love to do ‘someday’?

Five good reasons to stop working late

Is 2016 the year you’ve told yourself you’ll leave work on time? Or get some more sleep? Or start taking up running or tennis or singing again?


7 ways to recharge on the move

How do you survive in crazy season? How do you make sure you arrive, not just on time but on form, ready to perform at your best for that client, event or negotiation?

5 Warning Signs of Work Life Blur

Has technology allowed you greater choice or greater distraction? Has flexibility given you greater work-life balance or work-life blur? Are you working from home, or living at work?


A Lawyer’s Guide to Managing Distractions

As a lawyer, delivering a professional service, it’s important to be responsive – to clients, to colleagues. But when each distraction can take up 15-23 minutes (depending on which study you look at) to recover, dealing with each individual query on an ad hoc basis can be costly. Here are five strategies to help.


10 ways to achieve balance

All entrepreneurs juggle constantly. There is no perfect formula, but Grace Marshall’s tips will help.


Dealing with uncertainty − Part 1: Welcome to the void

The void can be a playground or an assault course, a sanctuary or a prison. It all depends on what we bring in.

Dealing with uncertainty – Part 2: Bringing clarity to the void

Are you living in the void right now? Are you working in a season of high uncertainty? Here are five survival strategies

What having kids has taught me about productivity

Having kids means you have less time to yourself, but what if it can actually be good for your productivity?

The art of slowing down

In the world of productivity we often talk about getting things done faster, smarter, easier. But what about slower?

Is guilt stealing your time?

Feeling guilty about what you don’t have time for? Here’s what guilt really does to your productivity.

5 unexpected things I learned this summer

How breaking our own rules can help us discover just how valuable they are.

Is it time to let go of work-life balance?

Has work-life balance become a holy grail that no one seems to get?

Two-and-a-half words that will improve your productivity

Tiny words that have a huge impact on our resistance, motivation and productivity.

Bringing Human Back to Work

Deadlines. Targets. Meetings. Emails. Objectives. Performance measures. Waste reduction. Cost efficiency. Response Times. Getting stuff done. Sometimes our quest for productivity have us so focused on the work, we forget about the humans doing the work.

How do we humans do our best work? How do we bring more of that into our workplaces?

A busy person’s lies

What is it about being busy that keeps us so busy? Here are three lies that keep us in the busy trap.


7 top tips to help you achieve your business goals in 2020

In this article, a group of our Sage Business Experts share some of their goals and offer some tips to help you with yours.

What to do when business goes quiet

What do you do in those quieter times? Is it business as usual, do you kick back and relax, or do you take the opportunity to do something else?

Seven productivity tips for the small business owner

How do you remain productive, when there are so many distractions? How do you stay focused when there are so many things to think about in your business?

9 surprising truths about workplace productivity

It’s one thing getting yourself organised and focused, but what about everyone else in the office?

9 ways to change your bad business habits

According to recent research, 3 out of 10 British businesses say they haven’t questioned their bad habits at all and 2 out of 10 don’t want to make the effort.


The art of switching off

In this day and age, when so many of us work with our heads rather than solely with our hands, switching off may not be as simple as leaving work and going home.

These six small changes will make you more productive and successful

Six small changes that will make some really big differences.


Why We Struggle With Struggle

We all know that struggle is an inevitable part of life. Leaders are no stranger to struggle. The Covid-19 pandemic has also added to this and according to McKinsey’s 2020 Women in the Workplace report, “women in particular have been negatively impacted” with a host of additional pressures like home schooling, juggling housework with paid work and elder care.
But despite our many stories of overcoming adversity, struggle remains a taboo.

Battling Brain Drain? Hack Your Workday With ‘Attention Management’

In our new “Power Hack of the Week” series, we highlight one quick thing you can do each week to improve your personal, career or money life. Today, we’re featuring “attention management,” a productivity strategy that helps you master job tasks by tackling them at key moments throughout the workday.

The Best Kind Of Music To Listen To While Working

Productivity experts share their advice for making a work playlist.

How You Should Spend Your Downtime This Evening

Because travelling on business shouldn’t just be about work 24/7. A guide to making the best choice for the night ahead, depending on what your body and mind need most.

Why You Should Work From Home On The Friday Before Christmas (And How To Stay Productive)

Working from home? Here are some tips for ensuring your productivity levels stay sky-high.

Why it’s time to adopt an ‘anti-perfection’ approach to productivity

Do you struggle with the need to be perfect? Here’s why adopting an ‘anti-perfection’ approach could be the key to greater productivity and satisfaction at work.


The golden hour: 15 ways to change your life in a work-from-home lunch break

It’s all too easy to stay at your desk. But stepping away to exercise, clear out your junk drawer, watch the Sopranos – or have sex – could completely re-energise your day

Confront your fears … and four other ways to stop procrastinating

Address your perfectionism, make a small starting step and break the cycle that is holding you back.

How to be more productive at work

Do you always feel busy and struggle to complete tasks? Recognise that you can’t do it all, say productivity experts.

How to build stamina at work and create a better balance for the year ahead

The rush towards the new year can be a challenging time at work. Build your resilience and stamina, and make a better work-life balance one of your new year’s resolutions.

How tech can free up two hours to transform your business

An estimated £9bn could be added to the economy if SMEs could find an extra two hours a week. How can you make those time-savings?

8 Productivity Experts on the Tricks They Use to Hold Themselves Accountable

Specific strategies for making sure you get things done

WFH Tip: Create zones

Without unexpected desk visitors, office chitchat and coffee runs to break up our days, working from home can get a little dull

Struggling to work productively from home? Let strangers watch you

How Covid-19 is changing the way we work.

Breaking up the monotony of working from home

A few practical steps can inject a sense of variety and ease into your remote workday.


How Much Work Are You Really Supposed to Do at Work?

Most offices have eight-hour workdays—how many of those hours are we really supposed to be working? We asked a productivity expert, a psychologist, a labor journalist, and a boss.

7 super smart ways to be more productive and get sh*t done

Picture this: you leave work at 5.30pm, to-do list completely crossed off, and not a care in the goddamn world. Sound familiar? Nope, us neither.

9 Productivity Experts on Twitter Who Will Actually Help You Get More Done

Twitter can be a time suck, but it’s also a source of great productivity advice.

4 small things successful people do to see big results

What do successful people do that makes the difference? The real answer is they’re doing a few small things well.


Five ways to be more productive in the office

It’s Thursday afternoon. You’re sat in the office staring blankly at an inbox full of passive aggressive emails from your client. You’ve got a meeting in ten minutes but you haven’t prepared a thing…

Over a third of UK employees pressured to work overtime by fear of being judged

A study has found that workers in Birmingham are the most likely to stay at work after hours to keep up appearances, with 44% of the city’s workforce impacted by a growing trend known as presenteeism.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.54.22

How to beat procrastination: tips from the experts

More than half of the population admits to being affected by procrastination. One in four people describe themselves as chronic procrastinators. What’s more, thanks to the rise of smartphones and social media, chronic procrastination has increased by 300-400% in the last 40 years.


Booked review: How to be Really Productive, by Grace Marshall

Research, psychology and personal advice on how to get more done and feel less stressed

Five tips to make washing your clothes easier, according to a productivity ninja

Productivity ninja Grace Marshall says there are some simple steps you can follow to make washing clothes less arduous.

8 Productivity hacks most businesses are afraid to try

Productivity is a key concern for every SME, as well as a top priority for the government. So, how can you boost productivity within your own business?

Teachers’ promotion pitfalls (and how to sidestep them)

Climbing the career ladder at your current school can be lonely and frustrating – expert tips to help you to navigate the political minefield that can mar an internal move

Working from home? Here’s what tips productivity experts recommend

These are the work from home tips that actually make a difference in your productivity.

12 Tips for How to Become the Most Productive Person in the Room

These productivity tips will help you make the most out of every minute.

How to Maximize Your Productivity and Earnings

15 ways to boost your productivity and earning potential.

How to Be More Efficient With Your Time and Energy

…most people are apt to dawdle away gained time. It takes a lot of work to be efficient with your time and energy.


BT, How to be more productive with Grace Marshall

Action for Happiness, The Upside of Struggle

Women with Ambition, Facebook Live with Sage

Michael Sliwinski, Productive Magazine

Graham Allcott, Think Productive

Amanda Webb, Go Do Video


Connections Untold – the stories behind the faces

Grace Marshall speaks about how someone with her portfolio got to where she is today and what we can all learn, whilst in lockdown, about managing work-life blur.


Sage Advice Podcast

Grace talks on bringing humanness back into the workplace


The Curious Parent Podcast

Is it possible to raise productive kids? This is a great conversation filled with practical tips and insights as Grace shares some of her productive parenting tips.


The Good Life Well Lived Podcast

Grace and Nicola Semple discuss what being productive is really all about, how to be productive even when those around you are not and how to find a work life rhythm that works for you.


Sage Advice Podcast

Grace talks on how businesses can be more productive with business administration


Worldwide 101 Growth Tips Shorts

Audrey Fairbrother from Worldwide 101 asked Grace to share her unique tips with us on how to truly tame your unruly inbox for good.


The Extraordinary Business Book Club

Alison Jones interviews Grace on writing, productivity and collaboration – essential listening for anyone with ‘write book’ on their to-do list!


The Hidden Why

Grace talks passion, purpose and productivity with Leigh Martinuzzi on episode 229 of The Hidden Why.


Beyond Busy

Grace joins Graham Allcott on his podcast to talk productivity, work/life rhythm, taming the lizard brain and confessions of a productivity author.


People Management Industry Insight

Grace shares insights on how to improve productivity and fuel growth with the CIPD community.


The Creative Life Show

Joanne Pieters interviews Grace on creative living, people-pleasing and her “mid-life crisis in her mid-twenties”.


On the Write Track

Bec Evans interviews Grace on procrastination, perseverance, treacle and writing productively.


Psychologies Life Labs

Amanda Alexander interviews Grace for Psychologies Magazine on how to avoid overwhelm and feel really productive in the run up to Christmas.


The Head Trash show

To celebrate Fight Procrastination Day (yes really!) Grace unpicks procrastination with Alexia Leachman on The Head Trash Show podcast.


Microentrepreneur Podcast

Julie Hall interviews Grace about the strategies you can use as a micro-entrepreneur, to help you become more productive, more focussed and happier with your choices, especially if you’re naturally disorganised.


Share Radio

Nick Peters talks to Grace Marshall on the Shop Floor show on Productivity at work and her new book ‘How to be REALLY Productive


The Profit Margin

Naomi McMullan interviews Grace Marshall on productivity tips to make the most of your day alongside Rory’s Story Cubes, Adoreboard and 16 year old entrepreneur Mason Robinson.


Premier Christian Radio, Woman to Woman show

Grace talks faith and productivity with Maria Rodrigues on the Woman to Woman show

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