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It’s here – the Business Mums Blog Carnival!

22 Mar 2012 | Business Life, Personal Productivity

It’s an absolute privilege to host the Business Mums Blog Carnival this month. So many mums in business sharing their thoughts, wisdom and stories across a range of experiences. Big thanks to Helen Lindop at Business Plus Baby, who created this carnival. What a great way to connect, learn and grow with other mums in business!

Grab yourself a cuppa, and take a look. Do drop a line and comment. It’s great to get feedback and I know I for one really appreciate hearing from you!

On business life and growth

Karen at Bizzy Mum shares some sound advice in 10 things I have learnt in my first year of business while Elaine at Littlesheep Learning writes from a perspective further down the years on how to run a business with sticking power.

How do you deal with failure? Erica at says how you think controls how your business grows.

If you’re at the very early stage of deciding what to do, Antonia gives 7 tips to Start Selling Fast at Become a Mumpreneur and do be encouraged by Catriona’s supportive message at Undercover Escape, that having kids does not mean a life of guilt and conflict.

If you’re looking for glamour and universal recognition though, you might want to think twice about blogging after reading Becky of Family Budgeting’s honest and humourous account I’m Becky, and I’m a Blogger.

It’s amazing what we can learn from our kids isn’t it?

I love Ali Davies’ insightful post on why creating change is like playing with Lego and Alison Bradford shares her insights on what ballet and business have in common.

When it comes to our kids, Libby from Smart Talkers gives us the low-down of the role books play in our children’s development and Naomi, The Kids Coach, talks about how children cannot be good at everything – a great message for kids and adults alike.

On a practical note, Joanne at Act One Parties shares her money saving tips for birthday parties.

And if some creative inspiration is what you’re after, check out Gifts by Jenny’s spring coloured creations and Angela Smith’s stunning knitted tiaras!

When it comes to promoting your business

Julia at KidsTravel2 openly shares her experience of selling online vs face to face.

Carmen’s post at the Virtual Assistant Coaching & Training Company helps VAs to figure out What on earth do I write in my blog posts?

Erica and Antonia talk about Niche Marketing on their How I Make Money Online site and How ‘place’ fits into the marketing mix at PR Basics.

If you’re wondering how to make money using Pinterest check out Helen’s thorough roundup at Business Plus Baby.

And if you haven’t yet figured out Facebook’s business page Timeline changes, Emma at the Mums Business Directory has done her homework for you.

On my favourite topic of getting things done

I love Alyssa’s post at sidekickva Is Busy The New Black?

Erica from ACEInspire shares 6 questions to create the framework for planning and Leanne-carla at Working Freedom tells us how she uses 3 steps to create more time

Managing your energy is crucial if you’re going to make the most of your time. Ntathu Allen shares her personal story on getting a good night’s sleep.

My own offering is one I wrote when I couldn’t sleep! It’s funny how the things you notice…  can have such a bearing on your mindset, motivation and productivity.

Finally they say laughter is the best medicine, so big thanks to Helen Neale at Kiddy Charts. The title itself made me laugh out loud. I won’t spoil it for you, take a look yourself.  I bet you never thought of this as a potential business risk!



  1. Helen Lindop

    Thank you so much for hosting the carnival!

    • Grace Marshall

      Pleasure Helen! Great to connect and share with so many mums in business.

  2. Emma Burford

    Well done Grace looking forward to reading these posts over the weekend

  3. Becky Goddard-Hill

    Well done grace some fab reading ahead for me when i am licked out the lounge on my hubbys playstaion night! (I kid you not!)

  4. Littlesheep

    Thank you so much for hosting and including my post… off to have a read of some of the others 🙂

  5. Jenny Andrew

    Thanks for hostng this Grace – and wow! What a varied list of blogs to look through – great stuff 🙂

  6. Julia, KidsTravel2

    thanks for pulling all this together – like the way you have groupled them into themes – will take a look through in between packing – we are off on holiday tomorrow!

  7. Lianne-carla Savage

    Really appreciate you hosting this carnival. There are some great posts included. I’ve had a browse when they were first posted but it’s been good to spend the time taking a good look through tonight.

  8. Naomi

    Thank you for hosting it Grace and adding me to the blogs.


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