For those of you who signed up to my e-course From Burnout to Brilliant
when it was first launched, it's all about Fun and Laughter this week.
If you've come on board more recently and have a bit further to go,
look out for Step 9, but don't feel you have to wait – there's always a
good time for fun.

When writing this module a phrase came to mind – Bare-Arsed Fun, which
I believe I first came across thanks to Marion Ryan (coach, mentor,
friend and plenty more besides) so I decided to do some surfing on her
blog Wryvita. To my surprise, not only did I find that she had sneaked
in a mention of me, in the same post she also talks about laughter –
how spooky is that?!

Marion asks, "What makes you laugh?  I mean really, I want to know."

So here goes. I must say, none of it's particularly clever, but I guess it goes to show "Laughter is an orgasm triggered by the intercourse of sense and nonsense."  ~Author Unknown

7 things which make me laugh out loud

  1. People – fun, upbeat and cheeky people, and the ultimate has to be my son Oliver, whether he's doing a funny dance with a bin upside down on his head "bein' a Wobot" or gazing at the mirror admiring his tribal war paint impression achieved with one humble lipstick.
  2. Adrenaline plus oxygen – doing something active and preferably outdoors. My memories of white water rafting are fantastic, but failing that, my aptitude of cycling straight into trees makes me (and others) laugh, so I guess laughing at my own misfortune works too.
  3. Music and dancing – my clubbing tastes used to span quite a range, from R&B to cheesy 70s nights to moshing to Nirvana. When it comes to laughability, I say taste is not an issue. Just turn the volume up, let your hair down and go wild.
  4. Bad jokes – so terrible I'm not even going to mention them here. But I'm sniggering as I type…
  5. Funny books, of which there are never enough – the most recent one that comes to my mind is Douglas Coupland's All Families are Psychotic
  6. Watching adults play games that revert them to childhood – Monopoly and Scrabble are my old favourites, recently joined by the Nintendo Wii. I simply could not stop chuckling at my husband and brother in law playing Wii boxing.
  7. Sharing someone else's excitement and celebration – grinning, whooping, squealing and cheering – works every time and one of the reasons why I love being a coach

How about you? What makes you laugh? Yes really, I want to know.


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