Life, a rollercoaster of contradictions

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster ride of a week.

We’ve celebrated the highs of my sister’s engagement announcement, a friend’s baby news and celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary (which according to our son means we’re very very old!)

And the lows. Ranging from the practical frustration of finding out that, on the run up to a launch event, I have 75% less childcare in the next two weeks than originally planned, and then seeing it in a completely different ‘in the great scheme of things’ perspective with the shock and sadness of suddenly losing a dear friend who, to borrow words from another friend, had a life of experience and still so much to give.

It’s reminded me of the complexities and contrast of life. Not just black or white, but both and a whole spectrum of colours beyond, in every tone and depth, high and low, all interweaving into this confusing yet amazing thing we call life.

It’s not in the absence of sadness that we find joy. The human spirit is stronger than that. Nor does one negate the other.

In the midst of everything, there are times for laughter, times for tears, and more often than we anticipate, the two come together. My dear friend was a shining example of this. Despite the battles, hurt and tragedies she faced in her life, she was still a beacon of light with a great big open heart. She refused to harden her heart to lessen the pain, and she lived so much more because of that – and so did the many of us who had the privilege of knowing her.

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