There’s a certain amount of magic that happens in a great coaching session, a combination of two people sparking off trains of thought, creativity and possibility.


I have a client at the moment who is an absolute pleasure to coach. He knows what he wants, he’s not afraid to tell me when something’s not working, very vocal, open and expressive, and certainly seems to be getting a lot out of our sessions, which are full of insights, inspirations, creativity and laughter. Almost makes me think surely this shouldn’t be so much fun – it is work after all! But that’s definitely a Good Sign.

It’s a good sign that I’m on the right track, pursuing a career that I enjoy and feel passionate about, doing something that fulfils rather than drains me, and hey maybe it’s even a sign that I might be good at this!

Of course this means that I have now created a bit of a tough act to follow, raised the bar of expectation, and not actually being a magician myself, I’m not sure exactly how that magic came about in the first place!

Nothing like a bit of apprehension to keep you on your toes hey?

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