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Multitasking – what’s your take on it?

1 Jun 2009 | Personal Productivity

Well apparently June is the month for a 30-day blogging challenge.

Which I guess times in quite nicely with my own writing challenge. Can I let you in on a secret? I’ve been trying to write something for quite a while now. And I seem to be having trouble getting started.

With my little girl becoming more and more alert by the day, being a full-time mum is becoming even fuller, so gone are the days of spending virtually the whole day in the garden getting creative and pouring my thoughts onto paper. My thinking time now happens in snippets, in between feeding, changing and looking after my 3 month old, feeding, playing with and toilet training my 3 year old, keeping my business ticking over and (sometimes) keeping on top of the laundry.

So this blogging challenge has intrigued me – I wonder what kind of collection I can create, by posting snippets on my theme throughout the month of June?

Who knows it could be just a mass of rambling thoughts, or maybe I’ll end up writing the whole thing in bite size chunks? I do know that the best way of getting me going is to start a conversation, so I wonder if you could help by throwing some comments and questions this way?

Ironically my theme is multitasking. Being something of a serial multitasker, I’ve come to realise that I tend to be at my best when I have a variety of hats to wear, or several strings to my bow. Perhaps it’s the variety I enjoy, or maybe I’m just too impatient to wait till one thing is done before I move on to the next. Either way multitasking actually enables me to enjoy each of my roles more. I’m not sure how the logic works, but it does in my case!

How about you? What’s your take on multitasking? What do you find most challenging or rewarding?


  1. John Williams

    Sounds like you’re a “Scanner” Grace – we crave variety, love learning for the sake of learning, and get bored easily. (I run monthly events for Scanners in London:

  2. Jacqueline

    I’m also a great multi-tasker, but sometimes I wonder if it is not more efficient to focus on one thing at a time. The busyness of multi-tasking sometimes seems to produce much activity, albeit enjoyable, but no firm results. What do you think Grace?

  3. Emma

    How about short term forced multi-tasking?
    When suddenly, out of no-where so many things are fired at you in one go that you run around manically trying to answer everything and attend to everyone and you come out the other side slightly baffled and dazed by what just happened to you but thankful you survived!
    I should add that if this craziness is forced for too long a glass of wine at lunch should always be ready chilled in the frrdge during summer!


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