Friday, 15th June 2007

  • Cleaning mummy was on call when Oliver made pretty patterns with white pepper on the sofa
  • Cooking mummy was on lunch duty but took a break when it came to dinner.
  • Coaching mummy had a quick catch up with what’s going on in the coaching world, called the college to make sure they had received her final assignment, then clocked off for the week.
  • Childminding mummy did a lot of snotty-nose-wiping, entertaining, feeding, cuddling, disciplining and rescuing, whilst being subjected to continued attacks of audio-warfare (aka moaning, whinging, whining)

  • Networking mummy was fairly active today, attending an event (mother & toddler group) in the morning and catching up with a good friend in the afternoon.
  • PA mummy reorganised a cancelled dinner appointment and scheduled instead a dinner & movie for
  • Dating mummy who is on a mission of rendezvous and seduction this evening 😉

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