November 30, 2015 One Evernote trick that will transform your business networking productivity

Hands up who has a pile of business cards collected from a networking event in a box or a drawer somewhere?

Yes, we tell ourselves we need to ‘make time’ in between meetings and events to follow up but honestly, how often does that actually happen?

What if you could do it all there and then?

A few weeks ago I met Imran Azam at Thinking Digital Manchester. We struck up a conversation over coffee, and he ended up interviewing me for his podcast. He had it recorded, uploaded and live before the first session of the day, which was pretty impressive!

Even more impressive was what he did with my business card. I was so excited I had to get him to share this trick with you.

Here goes…

Picture this; you’re out networking trying to connect with people who are relevant to your profession.  At the end of the evening you’ve made a ton of contacts and a grasp a well earned stack of business cards.  Sounds like the perfect result right?  Well thats only half the story of productive networking.  The other half is about what you do with those precious business cards.  What use is a stack of contacts if they sit around your desk gathering dust?

What if there was a way to scan a business card there and then, create a contact in your address book, send an email with your contact details AND make a Linkedin request all in one go in the time it takes to read this sentence?  Well there is!

In this guest blog post Imran Azam shows you how you can use Evernote to maximise your networking impact.

About Imran Azam

Based in Manchester Imran is the founder of creative social video agency, a digital communications strategist and the Media Director at

Imran also runs ‘The Art of Smartphone Filmmaking’ monthly Meetup where bloggers, brands, agencies, filmmakers and journalists come together to learn how to produce broadcast quality films produced, edited and published solely on a smartphone.

twitter: @moiazam

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