Personal Productivity – The Conversation

It always amazes me how many people try to solve the productivity puzzle on their own. They read books, they scroll through blogs, they even book themselves onto workshops.

And while that’s all brilliant, at some point we need to talk about how we work with other people. Our clients, our colleagues, our bosses, maybe even our family. Because we don’t work in a bubble. Like it or not, other people have an impact on how we work.

We often treat people how we’d like to be treated, but what’s more helpful is to treat them how they’d like to be treated – and that’s not always the same thing!

As I wrote in the Being Human chapter of How to be Really Productive, productivity is inherently personal. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

The more we understand our own personality and preferences, the more we can tailor our productivity habits and strategies to suit. Likewise, the more we understand how other people like to work. The better we all work together (and the more we enjoy it too).

So, here’s my invitation to you – use this question to start a conversation with someone you work with.

“If you could tell me one thing about yourself that would help me to understand how you work best and how we can work better together, what would it be?”

I’d love to know what kind of conversation this sparks. Let me know below!

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