What’s on Your Pick Me Up Playlist?

What do you do when you’re feeling fed up? When you look at your to-do list and feel a bit ‘meh’?

Do you find yourself stuck in limbo land, trudging away halfheartedly, not really working but not not working either? Do you drag yourself to your seat, only to stare at the screen for an hour?

As I said to a client the other day,

If you’re going to procrastinate, you might as well procrastinate well.

Do something that picks you up and gets YOU back on track.

Something I’ve been encouraging my clients to do is to put together a Pick Me Up Playlist – a list of energisers that boost your mood, kickstarts your motivation, and gets you inspired and moving again.

They could be big things or little things. In fact, I find tiny things work exceptionally well. They could include, but is definitely not limited to:

Music – I have an actual ‘Pick Me Up’ playlist on Spotify of all the tunes that get me smiling and dancing. You know, the ones that come on in the car that get you belting away (and possibly driving that little bit faster…)

Fresh Food – instead of reaching for the nearest comfort junk. When I was feeling sorry for myself with half a voice last week, I stopped by the supermarket on the way back from the school run and practically stalked the staff with the reduced ticket machine down the fruit & veg aisle. Came back with loads of fresh fruit and about four punnets of cherry tomatoes to make fresh tomato soup. Even the act of putting it into my basket made me feel better, let alone eating it. Likewise, as much as I love my coffee, it’s water that gets my brain cells working properly.

Getting outside – for a walk, a run, or just a breath of fresh air. Last week, in between the ice storms, floods and tornados, there was a rare moment when the sun was streaming across the fence of my garden. I literally stuck my head outside, faced the sun, closed my eyes and basked – like the Disney character Wall-E – for a couple of minutes. Who knew you could sunbathe in the middle of February in England?

Activities – for me it’s conversations. Being a ‘people person’, inspiring conversation to me is like rocket fuel. Which is why ‘phone a friend’ is on my list of pick me ups. As well as connecting with people I’ve not even met – bloggers, writers and TED talkers – who inspire me. Taking a break to read or listen to something that inspires me can do far more for my muse than staring at a blank screen.

What about you? What would be on your Pick Me Up Playlist? 

Try starting with 10 minutes this week and let your mind play with the idea of a playlist. See what comes to mind. Start capturing your ideas, then add to it every time you notice something that makes your hear soar, wakes up your body or feeds your soul.

Because when you’re feeling fed up, that’s the worst time to try and come up with something inspiring. Start compiling your play list now, then when you need to, you can simply pick something and press play.

I’d love to know what you come up with. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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