Have questions? Want to run something by me or pick my brain? Here’s how you can…

Ask me a question

My website and social media sites are open learning spaces, so when you ask a question there, others can learn from it too. Tweet me @gracemarshall, post on my Facebook Page, or comment on my blog.

If you’ve signed up to join the REALLY Productive conversation you can also hit reply to any of my emails to ask me a question. Make it specific – real life questions always create far more useful answers!

Interview me

If you’d like to interview me for your blog, podcast, publication, TV or radio show, drop me a line with details of your channel and audience, and we can explore how we might be able to work together. You’ll find ideas and inspiration from past interviews here.

Book a private coaching session

This is where we can go in depth, up close and personal – beyond top tips – and focus specifically on what’s going to work for you. Whether it’s “help I’m stuck!” or “Where do I begin?” or “What do you think?” here’s where you can pick my brain as much as you like.

Can’t I just buy you coffee?

As much as I love coffee (and lunch, and afternoon tea, and cake…) it’s only fair that my clients get the best of my attention, availability and ‘brain picking’ access.

The truth is, conversations over coffee are where we talk about the work – potential workshops, collaborations, conference keynotes, corporate learning academies, coaching programmes or mutual geek-out conversations. If you do want to talk about working with me, let’s start with a virtual coffee here.

If you actually want to do the work (and not just talk about it) then let’s book it in and make it happen!

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