Is it time to shift the way you work?

You are talented. You are gifted. You are an amazing human being, with so much to give to the world.

It doesn’t always feel that way. Sometimes you’re paddling like mad just trying to stay afloat, or running round in circles like a headless chicken. But trust me, the brilliance is there. And I’d love to help you uncover it more often.

When you’re forging your own path, being visionary and implementer, evangelist and administrator, leader and learner, it’s hard to see the whole picture by yourself.

Every journey has its ups and downs, moments of brilliance and hopelessness.

That problem you’re losing sleep over. The working relationship that’s just not working. The balls you keep dropping. The dreams you never get to pick up. The project that keeps getting sidelined. The conversation that fills you with dread. The incessant busyness that’s grinding you down.

You don’t have to do it alone. I’ll stand with you through both ups and downs, as your guide, your cheerleader, your sanity check and sounding board.


Grace Marshall is a tremendous coach. I initially approached Grace to help boost my productivity. The systems and tools we put in place immediately lifted the sense of anxiety I was feeling about not having enough time to do stuff. Her sessions bring me clarity and calm where there was previously fogginess and overwhelm. Now I keep coming back to Grace for her business development skills, which leave me fired up and energised again about my business.

Emma Insley, Director and Third Sector Consultant

Where are you in your journey?


Sometimes all we want is to rise. From the chaos, the busyness and the overwhelm. From the disappointment, the rejection, the fear.

Rise from the weariness, the confusion and the fog. Rise from the pit we’ve fallen into. Or the treacle we’re wading in. Or the comfy sofa we’ve been lying in for a little too long. Rise above it. Rise within it. Rise to face it. Rise.


I was in a work situation that was leaving me completely drained , with low motivation, and even questioning may choice of career. Grace not only helped me clarify my options and create a plan but also coached me on how to engage in productive discussions with my boss around work-life balance. Grace is an excellent listener, motivator and communicator. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with burnout or feeling stuck in their career. I have a new understanding of my strengths and value to an employer.

Corey Ellis, Senior Director of Human Resources


You can tell when someone’s shining. They have a glimmer in their eye, a spring in their step. They are in their element, naturally themselves.

We know what it feels like to shine. Those moments when we’re fully alive, giving wholeheartedly, being utterly ourselves, at our best. You were born to shine. The world needs you shining. Let’s get you clear about your brilliance more often.


I was suffering from severe ‘analysis paralysis’, working in a very haphazard way that I know would have had me burning me out if I continued in that way. As I type these words now, I couldn’t feel more different: I am more confident in making my own decisions, I have laser focus yet less rigidity. I have systems and processes in place which leads to a more productive week and also allows space for wellbeing and self-care. And I am getting much better at saying no! I have become more playful, more experimental, more forgiving, less rigid and most of all more confident towards how I approach my business.

Sarah Turner, Recruitment Consultant


We don’t want to rise and shine then burnout, so how do we work brilliantly and sustainably? What happens when we hit roadblocks and curveballs? How do we shine brightly, and keep on shining? The goal is sustained, lasting change – not just productivity hacks that don’t fundamentally change anything.


As someone with demands in a host of different arenas – leading teams at work, making an impact in my community, running a company and keeping a family happy – having some time to step back and being led through a bespoke process really helped me make some key decisions in how to prioritise and focus my time for making maximum impact. I ended the day with new insights, lots of very practical strategies and tools that I could apply to keep me on top of things from the very next day.  And I’m proud to say that the inbox is still (legitimately!) at zero. I wouldn’t hesitate to commend Grace and her services to other busy professionals.

Sean Sankey, Director of Strategy & Services

When we work together you get

Hand-picked productivity insights

This is not about following someone else’s 7 step programme or blueprint. It’s about navigating your own journey of brilliance. Frankly, you don’t care what the world’s top CEOs do before breakfast. You just want to know what’s going to work for you. Here’s where you get the wealth of my expertise, experience and extensive research, distilled, curated and fine-tuned exclusively for you.

Inspired action

Not information overwhelm. You won’t get a suite of courses to download, videos to watch and worksheets to stuff in a folder. This is not about adding to your plate (or giving you more procrastination fodder!). This is about making real change happen.

All-you-can-eat coaching

Let’s be honest, there will be times when you get stuck, and days that just suck. That’s when you need support the most – not in the carved out space of a workshop room, but in the thick of the shitstorm as and when you’re going through it. That’s why you get all-you-can-eat coaching access to me – book in a session whenever you need it, and shine some light in the middle of the tunnel, not at the end.


Honest and powerful conversations that shifted my thinking, increased my confidence and gave me the breakthrough I needed to get unstuck from a toxic work situation. A lot has changed in my life over the last few months of working with Grace. My energy has been boosted, my imposter syndrome quietened and my outlook shifted. I now have a much clearer understanding of how I work best and where I make the greatest impact – I am now ‘happening’ to life rather than it happening to me.

Alex M, Sustainability Manager

Want to know if this is right for you?

It all starts with an open conversation where we get a good feel for what you’ve got going on, how I can help and whether we would be a good fit to work together. The first step is a phone call.

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