Personal Profiling

Productivity is personal. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re you’re naturally disorganised or bordering on OCD, productivity is not about having a personality transplant.

So let’s start with you, the way you’re wired and what matters most to you.

DiSC is a behavioural assessment profile which helps you to understand yourself and the people you work with. It gives you insight into your working preferences and tendencies, your motivators and stressors, your needs, communication styles and how to work effectively with people who are different from you – and people who are too much like you. It’s about finding your natural productive groove.

If you resonated with the Being Human chapter of ‘How to be Really Productive’ and would love to dive deeper into how your personality affects your productivity, and how to find your natural productive groove – for yourself or your team, get in touch.


This has been so helpful! I am so clear now about the areas of my business that were draining me, and most importantly what to do about them. The profile is spot on and helped me to refine the way I work with my support team and strategic partners. Some simple, very effective tweaks and I’m now flying through the things I used to procrastinate over, getting results quicker for me and my clients, and freeing up more time for more exciting ventures! I can thoroughly recommend this to all VAs and business owners.

Carmen MacDougall, The Virtual Assistant Coaching and Training Company



The DiSC profiles gave a fresh appreciation of the different strengths and challenges within the team and generated some useful discussions and solutions to recurring problems.

Grace’s approach is insightful and personable, she has a knack of understanding people, and a way of engaging them that gets them involved, opening up and discussing real issues and examples they can put to use straight away.

The result for me is a team of managers who are are better equipped to manage, mentor and develop my staff, more confident in themselves and work incredibly well together – which is great for the business and for me!

Tim Lovatt, Director, Specsavers Opticians Congleton

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