May 30, 2016 Real World Productivity Interview with Richard Tubb

It’s great to read about ideal productivity systems, tactics and strategies, but what about putting it into action in real life? What does that look like?

In this 35 minute interview I chat to Richard Tubb, award-winning blogger, fellow productivity geek and author of The IT Business Owners Survival Guideabout what’s working for him – and what he’s still working on, including

  • The systems he puts in place that enable him to get things done as a self-confessed “scatterbrained procrastinator”
  • How he creates space for the things he loves to do – in work and in life
  • What happens when he falls off the wagon (often!) – and why perfection is not the ultimate productivity goal
  • The art of getting a good night’s sleep and his favourite apps for building habits
  • How Doctor Who inspires him in his productivity journey

Prefer to listen to this as an audio track instead? Here’s the mp3.

Over to you

What do you think of Richard’s systems and tactics? Are you a procrastinator like Richard? Do you find routines and systems help? Or does it work differently for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And while you’re there, let me know – who would you like me to interview? Whose behind the scenes productivity journey would you love to get a peek into?

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