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Silent skies and grounded planes. Disruption and an opportunity to play?

20 Apr 2010 | Business Life, Personal Productivity

Blueskies_shining_sun We do so much planning don’t we? Even those of us who aren’t particularly organised, we still make plans. We make work plans, recreation plans, travel plans, financial plans. We even make contingency plans and plan for traffic, for snow, for leaves on the track, road works and strikes. I don’t know anyone who planned for volcanic ash though.

Having recently been abroad away from my husband and two young children my heart really does go out to those who are stuck in limbo away from their loved ones, for such an indefinite time.

Furthermore, I was reminded by a friend of people whose livelihoods depend on being able to fly their goods over here – what happens to the African farmer who can’t get their produce to consumers in this country, and doesn’t get paid? Will they be able to afford to buy what they need to plant next season’s crops?

Usually when something goes wrong, we look for something to blame, shout for people to put things right, or grasp for a way to take control ourselves. And yet there are times when it is completely out of our hands.

All you can do is wait. Which isn’t exactly the same as doing nothing. Waiting can in fact be quite active – take pregnancy for example. It’s more like not being able to do the thing you’re planning to do right here right now.

So what do you do in the meantime? Sometimes there are steps you need to take to minimise damage. And sometimes it’s an opportunity to do something you weren’t planning to do. In her newsletter today, entrepreneurial fairy-godmother Judith Morgan writes about enjoying the warm weather, silent blue skies and recalling an “idyllic childhood memory” and a “romantic and familiar ‘home’, far far away in the Sixties”

So it got me thinking, what would happen to my business, if I was stranded abroad and couldn’t get home? Have I got a business that will run anywhere in the world? Or even better, run without me?
Personally I want to build a business that can still bring me in money whether I’m away from home, on the school run or taking a spontaneous picnic on the chase.

What about you?

I’m putting something very exciting together along these lines right now. In the meantime, check out this video to give you a taster of a teleclass that’s coming up from someone who knows exactly what I’m talking about. If you like the look of it, click here to register for the free teleclass.

JigsawBox from Nicola Bird on Vimeo.


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