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Sugar Cubes and Champagne Moments

28 Nov 2013 | Mind monkeys, Tips, tools, tricks

I’m feeling the love today.

It started off with a brilliant coaching session followed by a lovely email from my client to say what RELIEF she feels to have a plan that feels right and makes sense, instead of going round in circles getting worked up.

I also had an email from a delegate from last week’s workshop thanking me for a brilliant session (she wanted to say life changing but that sounded a bit OTT only a few days on!)

Plus a glowing recommendation on LinkedIn from the Speak Like a TED Talker course I was on over the weekend:


Days like this I can take on the world.

I have belief, I have motivation, I have energy, drive, purpose, passion. Oodles of it.

But not every day is like this. 

I can easily find myself in a day where technology has me tearing my hair out, all my calls are met with knock backs, nobody wants to talk to me, a client cancels, my words feel clunky and nothing seems to work.

Or it could simply be a ‘meh’ kind of day. Nothing awful, nothing great, just a bit flat.

I can think of a few of those just in the last week or so. Can you?

It’s scary how easily our highlights can fade away and be forgotten on low days and flat days.

How quickly our focus can go back to “Do I have what it takes?” and “Am I barking up the wrong tree?”

Yet these are precisely the times when we need our belief the most. This is when we need to remember our passion, purpose, energy and drive. In bucketfuls.

That’s why I’ve started collecting sugar cubes.

Little sweet moments that give me a boost. 

In my email I have a folder called Champagne Moments where I store a copy of nice things people say – a client testimonial, a thank you, success stories of what people have gone on to do next as a result of something I’ve said or written (love these the most!)

Some of my clients have a board where they pin up thank you cards, achievements and celebrations.

In fact, whenever I start working with a new client I ask them to tell me about their proudest achievements, and what qualities they needed to achieve them. We start by remembering what they’ve achieved to give them a taste of what they’re capable of.

At the end of the weekend, I was given the opportunity to do a 6 minute version of my talk to the whole group, and rewarded with a little packet of powerful sugar cubes from the rest of the group:

 Sugar Cubes

And sugar cubes they are. On their own, they are just empty calories. If all I did was to sit and consume them, I would feel good, but they would not make my life any better.

On the other hand, if I let them be fuel – to drive my pursuit of what’s next, my determination to jump over the next hurdle, my belief that I can overcome whatever challenges life may throw at me and my action to get on with it – that’s when they make a massive difference.

So now, I’m off to tackle my brave list 🙂

But first, I want to hear from you! 

Do you collect and cherish your champagne moments? Do you have a handy supply of sugar cubes to give you a boost when you need it?

Try it now – share one of your sugar cubes with us in the comments below. I’d love to celebrate with you!


  1. Catherine Poole

    Hi Grace! Great article, as usual – quite apt for me today, as my sugar cube moments of the last two days have been loads of likes and comments on my Facebook page, resulting in the highest reach EVER yesterday, just because of me adding a picture! It’s kept my buoyed up today whilst struggling with a verbatim transcription – never my favourite!

    • Grace Marshall

      Now you’ve got me singing “just a spoonful of sugar…” Great example Catherine – and love the new picture on your Facebook page!

  2. Richard Tubb

    Hi Grace – what a wonderful idea! We all hit those moments when we’re low in energy or mood, and forget what an impact we have had when we’re at our best. I’ve got a collection of thank-you cards that clients have sent me over the years. I’m very grateful for these cards, but after a few days I file them away and rarely look at them again. I’ve now made sure these cards are accessible so I can look at them whenever I need a boost, a reminder of what I’m capable of achieving!

    • Grace Marshall

      Yay! Glad to hear those cards have been dusted off and are back in play 🙂

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