March 27, 2017 Technology and Productivity with Francesca Geens

Technology is not enough. You need to use it well.

That’s the theme of my latest interview, where I got together to discuss technology and productivity with Francesca Geens, of Digital Dragonfly, who specialises in helping solo-business owners get their tech right.

In this 38 minute interview, Francesca, shares her insights on:

  • How your biggest productivity gains could lie in getting the basics right
  • The one question you need to start with to create your personal cocktail of ‘tech’
  • The most important thing to have under control to avoid digital distraction (no surprise that I’m in complete agreement here!)

We also discuss:

  • What happens to our brains when we switch off from technology
  • The difference between a busy culture and a productive one
  • And… are we going to see the death of email?

Prefer to listen to this as an audio track instead? Here’s the mp3.

Further resources:

Francesca’s e-course: From Tech Overwhelm to Productivity
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Blog post: Why decluttering is not about tidiness

Over to you

On digital clutter: Francesca talks about getting to the work in a straight line. How straight is your line? What hurdles, temptations and distractions do you have to navigate past?

On reclaiming your relationship with technology: how clear are you on what you want your tech to do for you?

I’d love to read your thoughts and insights in the comments below.

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