Being a high achiever I’ve always been able to work my way through any challenge, until I hit burnout and realised the way I was working was no longer working for me.

Grace has steered me well through an intense season of self-reflection, career shifting, work life re-evaluation, all whilst home-schooling in a pandemic!

I’m much clearer and more confident in my strengths, and the environments in which I contribute my best, which is helping me to seek out work which is inspiring, important and a good fit for me.

Leah Holmes, Engagement and Involvement Specialist


I found Grace at a time in my life where I was at a bit of an emotional wreck. Having just been dealt what felt like a hammer blow with my career, life felt a bit hopeless.

Initially I thought “great, Grace is an expert in productivity, she’ll be able to help me work out what I need to do to get back on track”. However, the wonderful thing I learnt through my time with Grace is actually what I really needed, was focus on was more on who I wanted to BE.

Over the course of a few months, Grace skilfully and gently got me to let go of my self judgments, appreciate different perspectives and ultimately reconnect with myself. Slowly but surely, the work we did seeped into my everyday life… and the doing sorted itself out.

Josh Fineman, Recovering Agency Owner turned Big Kid At Work


Before I met Grace, I felt overwhelmed, stressed and lacked focus. I wanted to finish writing a book in my free time, but would procrastinate and doubt my abilities. Faced with ever increasing projects and responsibilities at work, I had no boundaries and wanted to control everything that was thrown my way.

The coaching sessions enabled me to explore how I was really working both at home and at work, and importantly, led me to question and challenge the key responsibilities of my job role and identify several burdens that I’d assumed were mine. Armed with more in-depth knowledge of my leadership style, I now feel more empowered to say no, speak up, decline non-essential meetings and delegate.

Writing has always been my passion so writer’s block never sits easily with me. Grace enabled me to question my limiting self-beliefs and tackle distractions head on. This included exploring the concept of a writing cave and the even better experience of creating one!

I’m so proud that I’ve almost finished my draft and this is thanks to Grace helping me to restore faith in my ability to write. Grace is an amazing coach who will challenge, support and help you to try new strategies and see things from different perspectives. I appreciated her humility and calm, relaxed and often fun approach.

Claire Ellis, Writer


In the past couple of months as we’ve been communicating I’ve been able to streamline my email process, develop productivity schedules uniquely fitted to my sensibilities, and, most importantly, gain more confidence that I can survive the tsunami of tasks and projects that loom over me.

Through it all you have never been judgmental about my foolish approaches to work. You have patiently and kindly coached me into better processes. You do it with literally a smile on your face and with humor.

Some weeks I worry that I won’t have progress to show when we talk, but you always find ways to build on what we’ve accomplished and add even more helpful insights and tools.

I began this year with the intention of getting professional help and consulting for my mental health, my physical health, and my professional health. Of all those whose services I have utilized, yours has been by far the most beneficial.

Jemar Tisby, President, The Witness


Being a toolkit person, I already had a lot of systems in place, but working with Grace helped me to adapt these to my new leadership role – so that I could step up confidently and effectively, rather than feel more overloaded. Our time together has helped me to clarify my vision, refine my working tools and habits, reduce workload, reshape my relationship with my team, and reposition my role from Doer/Deliverer to Leader & Business Developer. As a result I’m feeling much more confident to take on new challenges, I’m stressing less, and I’m well on my way to working a bit less!

Faustine D, Sustainability Consultancy Director


I was in a work situation that was leaving me completely drained , with low motivation, and even questioning may choice of career. Grace not only helped me clarify my options and create a plan but also coached me on how to engage in productive discussions with my boss around work-life balance. Grace is an excellent listener, motivator and communicator. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with burnout or feeling stuck in their career. I have a new understanding of my strengths and value to an employer.

Corey Ellis, Senior Director of Human Resources


Thanks again for all your support at Aintree, the workshops were excellent and we’ve had fantastic feedback from the team. The NHS is an incredibly busy and challenging environment to work in and the tools / techniques we all learned were invaluable. The workshop style was different to anything we’d done before, in a really positive way, it’s great to start to implement changes there and then – they certainly stick much better! I think if we’d had a theoretical session and been left to implement in our own time it may never have happened. We all liked your personal style – the perfect mix of support, challenge and good humour.

Denise Smith, Divisional Director of Operations (Medicine)
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Grace Marshall is a tremendous coach. I initially approached Grace to help boost my productivity. The systems and tools we put in place immediately lifted the sense of anxiety I was feeling about not having enough time to do stuff. Her sessions bring me clarity and calm where there was previously fogginess and overwhelm. Now I keep coming back to Grace for her business development skills, which leave me fired up and energised again about my business.

Emma Insley, Director and Third Sector Consultant


As someone with demands in a host of different arenas – leading teams at work, making an impact in my community, running a company and keeping a family happy – having some time to step back and being led through a bespoke process really helped me make some key decisions in how to prioritise and focus my time for making maximum impact. I ended the day with new insights, lots of very practical strategies and tools that I could apply to keep me on top of things from the very next day.  And I’m proud to say that the inbox is still (legitimately!) at zero. I wouldn’t hesitate to commend Grace and her services to other busy professionals.

Sean Sankey, Director of Strategy & Services at FORM


I contracted Grace to work with me on increasing my productivity, having taken on a large new research centre this year (on top of 2 others that I’m either leading or collaborating on). Grace worked me through, step-by-step, what I’m doing well and what could be improved, and then sat with me at my desk while we set up new and improved systems.

Importantly she didn’t come in to sell me one way of doing things, but really worked with me in terms of identifying my own values (making sure there’s time for having fun with my family is top of my list, but also that I’m able to spend enough time working with and supporting my teams) and the reality of my life (e.g., 2 young kids, lots of overseas travel, split working between home and my office etc). I feel excited, energised and – importantly – as if my head’s above water. Many thanks to Grace!

Heather Marquette, Director of Research, University of Birmingham


I was suffering from severe ‘analysis paralysis’, I had no systems or processes in place, I was working in a very haphazard way that I know would have had me burning me out if I continued in that way. As I type these words now, I couldn’t feel more different: I am more confident in making my own decisions, I have laser focus yet less rigidity. I have systems and processes in place which leads to a more productive week and also allows space for wellbeing and self-care. And I am getting much better at saying no!

I am delighted with the results that I have achieved on this journey and I have Grace to thank for her very special coaching and support that she gave me during our six months. It’s been a really interesting journey and the result is that I have become more playful, more experimental, more forgiving, less rigid and most of all more confident towards how I approach my business.

Sarah Turner, Recruitment Consultant


I started working with Grace while I was on maternity leave with my first child. I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Grace helped me to put creative systems in place that I can use now and when I get back to work. Now I feel calm and in control. Grace is patient, knowledgeable and very good at focusing on the things that really help to promote change.

Lawyer from London


Just wanted to say a big thank you for the workshops that you delivered over the last two days. I found that the tools you gave me instantly put my mind at ease from the constant worry of email that I have to respond to. Instead I do seem to have a strange and unusual feeling of calm.

Thank you again, your tools and tips certainly are helping me!

Angela Molinari, Head of Language Networks for Excellence, Wolverhampton University


Although I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on a lot of Productivity and Time Management techniques, Grace opened my eyes to a raft of new techniques that have helped me become more focused and less stressed. I’d highly recommend working with Grace to anyone who wants to reduce their stress levels and get more done!

Richard Tubb, IT business consultant


After just one session with Grace I came away feeling much calmer and took away with me a really great technique I can now put into practice whenever I feel I need that extra boost.

Julia Burman


If you need a kickstart contact Grace – within 30 minutes of talking to her I had organised my first Webinar (something I had been procrastinating about for months!), planned a schedule for a new membership programme and put a series of deadlines into my diary. If you want to break out of your lethargy and get something done speak to Grace!

Gail Morgan, The Image House


I have had some projects on the go but was starting to feel the overwhelm as time was not on my side and had personal situations acting as a block to moving forward.  Two Costa Coffees later I have the clearest focus I have ever had on my projects, clearer on my priority actions (which have all been actioned) and I actually felt more passion for something which was fading away.

Carmen MacDougall


I worked with Grace at a time when a lot of things were changing in my business. With Grace’s help, I was able to cut through the chaos and prioritise the actions I needed to take to achieve my objective. The weekly call with her was a lifesaver and she also came up with some great ideas. Thank you, Grace, I’m definitely going to apply Baby Steps from now on.

Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer


Before I started there was definite overwhelm.  But now I have complete clarity as to how to move forward without sinking. I now feel like a load has been lifted that has been there so long, because of the actions I managed to complete and also because Grace gave me some amazing tools and ways of thinking that I have never used before.

Barbara Steadman, Another Gorgeous Day

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