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The book that almost never was

7 Feb 2017 | Being Human

I almost didn’t write this book.

The opportunity came at an inopportune time. I’d just taken on sole responsibility for our family income to release my husband to do a full time Masters. Work and family commitments were already stretching.

Besides hasn’t it all been said before? Who am I to write another productivity book?

There were so many reasonable reasons not to pursue this.

But I’m so glad I did.

I went along to an awards ceremony yesterday, with the expectation only to enjoy an evening of meeting and celebrating fellow authors and book-lovers – and getting to show my husband a little bit of my world of work.

Then I found myself collecting this!

(Incidentally I was the only winning author present to collect my award!)

I’m still stunned, that out of some 150 books nominated, it was my book that “in the opinion of the judges, will best serve commuters and retain their attention during a journey to work by inspiring them, informing them about and engaging them with a management and leadership topic.”

What struck me even deeper were their reasons for choosing my book, which echoed exactly what I wanted to achieve – that it would be thought provoking, a joy to read, extremely useful and entirely human.

A fellow author once described a book is an act of co-creation. Writing is only part of the process. It is in the mind of the reader that the words come to life and take shape – and therefore each reading is a unique experience.

And that’s why this means so much. To hear from people I’ve never met before, how our co-creation has inspired hope, joy and change – in some cases dramatic transformation. That is worth more than any accolade.

So next time you find yourself wondering, “Who am I to…?” or “Hasn’t it all been done before?” here’s what I have to offer:

No one will see it, say it or do it exactly the way you do. There is room for you to step up in a way no one else can. It is more often a question of if you will, than if you can.

The adventures that both terrify and excite you are usually the ones that call you to discover more of yourself. So no matter where the adventure takes you, you win.

There is never a perfect time. Life is a beautiful, messy rollercoaster of breathtaking highs and heartbreaking lows – and this week has certainly been no exception. Don’t mistake the presence of uncertainty, vulnerability, imperfection or incompletion as a sign that you’re not ready.

So, what adventures are you ready to say yes to?


  1. Emma Insley

    Congratulations Grace! I have my copy waiting to be read, next in line. And yes, this post is spot on! I have a kernal of an idea for 2018 … and a whole heap of comfort-zone widening to go through in 2017!

    • Grace Marshall

      Happy reading Emma, and watch out world!

  2. Richard Tubb

    Congratulations Grace! I’m so proud to see what you’ve achieved. You’re an inspiration to me, and I’m not alone in saying that. Well done!

    • Grace Marshall

      Thanks Richard! Delighted that my journey’s inspired brilliant people like you. Shine on!

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