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The funny thing about planning

2 Jan 2013 | Business Life, Happiness, Personal Productivity

Me as a fairy in our local community pantomime!

Happy New Year!

Well who’d have known, 2012 would be the year I became an author, a runner, a fairy and a ninja!

It’s been full of surprises, Squee! moments, favour and friendships I could never have imagined. It’s also had its share of struggles, frustrations, flops and Gah! moments.

Two things struck me as I reflected on the year that’s been.

1. How quickly the year’s gone

Yes I know, nothing new there but oh so true! Is it having kids that makes you notice how quickly you get through a year, or is it that time flies when you’re having fun? Whichever cliche you use, it’s precious stuff, time. There’s no holding onto it, so let’s just use it well shall we?

2. I never could have planned all of this

This time last year I had no idea of the book contract I was about to be offered, the wonderful clients I would get to work with, the groups I’d get to speak to and the fabulous team of ninjas I’d be invited to join.

What I did have was a sense of purpose that was more about who I am than what to do, an anticipation of favour, of opportunities, of good things to happen, a willingness to learn, stretch and discover more and a healthy dose of impatience to get on with it.

I did have some plans, none of which have worked out entirely as I had anticipated but each one a vital step to where I am now.

Funny thing isn’t it, planning? Never quite works out exactly as you um… plan. And yet you don’t get anywhere without it.

The more I do it, the more I’m convinced it’s less about knowing everything you’re going to do, and more about knowing who you are and deciding how you’re going to act that out. That’s why personality, strengths, values, mindset and identity are such a core part of the work I do.

It’s about having that very personal sense of purpose that fuels you to take risks, make decisions, and keep going. The sense of confidence that you know just about enough to start taking action, and figure out the rest as you go along. And the sense of clarity that for me only comes when I think out loud, from the conversations I have with clients, colleagues and readers like you.

So thank you, for being there, for asking questions and sharing your thoughts. This would not have been the year it was without you. As for 2013, of course I have some ideas, some thoughts and plans that are brewing and bubbling, but most of all, let’s continue the conversation and see what grows.

And as I posted on Facebook as the new year began, may your 2013 be full of spine-tingling adventure, vibrant laughter and unshakeable peace – yes I do mean all three 😉

Over to you – what are your thoughts, anticipations and ideas for 2013? Let me know in the comments below!


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