What are you choosing for today?

I didn’t want to get up yesterday. It was grey and wet outside. And I was warm and sleepy in my bed.

I was tired when I got up, when I got the kids ready, when I questioned why yet again we were trying to find stuff when it was time to go, when I marched my daughter straight into a puddle outside her classroom, because I didn’t notice it. Because I was tired.

I realised I needed to choose something. Otherwise tiredness would choose me.

I chose to wake up.

I chose to go for a run. In the pouring rain. Yes really.

Which was strangely refreshing actually – once you abandon the notion of staying dry!

I made my neighbour smile, and the road-workers too, which made me smile. Happy to be of service.

It worked. I woke up.

I was still tired, but I was awake, and alive. And that made a big difference to me and my day.

What about you? 

Don’t fancy a run in the rain? Never in a million years? That’s alright. It’s YOUR choice, that’s the point.

Perhaps you’ve got a clear day in front of you – what are you choosing to fill it with?

Or a busy day ahead, packed full of commitments – how are you choosing to approach it? With panic? Enthusiasm? Determination?

That difficult conversation you need to have. What will you choose? Patience? Compassion? Assertiveness? Bullishness?

The stressful environment at work, where everyone’s feeling the pressure and sniping at each other – will you choose to join in, or buck the trend and be the one who smiles contagiously?

That thing that takes you outside your comfort zone – will you choose avoidance, reluctance or will you choose to throw yourself in fully?

The situation beyond your control, the one that’s painful, difficult and unavoidable. Will you choose to live in frustration and disappointment? Or in courage, hope, faith, kindness, humour or the company of good friends around you?

Whatever’s going on, you always have a choice. Sometimes it’s a big choice, sometimes it’s a little one. Sometimes it will transform the world around you. Other times it will just transform you.

What are YOU choosing for today?

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