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What are you feeding?

26 Oct 2007 | Uncategorized

Inspired a while ago by my coach, Claire’s blog


The idea is simple, we strengthen what we feed.

Right now my focus is on inspiration. My greatest source of inspiration is other people, their individual values, passions and strengths, so taking the time to connect, understand and share with different people feeds my inspiration.

My personal black hole is anger, which I’ve mentioned in previous posts. And yes, I do have a temper which is to a degree a part of who I am, and sometimes this feeds my motivation and courage. But generally, it just seems to feed more anger, and left unchecked, can spiral  much bigger and more destructive than whatever made me angry in the first place.

The same thing goes for busyness. A tough lesson to learn in my early days as a mum – there are always things to be done, and quicker, sooner and better at that. Makes me laugh when I catch myself using the phrase "keeping busy"!

Another example that comes to mind is this guide to How to be depressed / How to be happy

I like the idea of feeding the things that lead us to blossom – our relationships, health, career, home, mind, energy, patience, self-esteem and sense of wellbeing – it allows us to Give from a Place of Plenty, an idea that is wonderfully articulated in Fiona Robyn’s A Year of Questions (see my books list in the sidebar)

What are you feeding right now, with your thoughts, emotions and actions?

Which parts of you are hungry?

Drop me a line if you feel like sharing – grace @ – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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  1. lifeflame

    Hello dear,
    It’s spring cleaning around here for Chinese New Year, and I came across your entry. Mmm, we are what we feed. What am I hungry for?
    These days seem to be mostly defined by the theatre piece I am working on… it’s such a huge project, Grace. I don’t know why it’s such a huge undertaking… maybe because it’s my first time, but I am producing, along with directing (thankfully, I made the decision NOT to act in it)…
    So here I am, racking my brains for how to pull it off. We had a month of devising, and I gave myself another month to come up with a script/score. (I still have a week)…
    I am both tired and driven by necessity. I imagine that’s what happens when one has a kid – somehow you find the strength to do it because it’s your kid.
    For a while I was co-directing too, which was also a bit like parenting (or at least, as I imagine it!) Learning to sort things out between the two of us, so the cast doesn’t get mixed messages as to what the directors want; learning to support each other within the crazy work schedule; learning as we go and just making the best decisions you can and trusting the process…
    And now I am going solo again; which is both liberating and scary. I have to both be more independent and also ask for help from those around me.
    Oof. Oof.
    Maybe I’ll call it an early night.
    thanks for listening..

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