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What do you need to give yourself?

24 Sep 2013 | Being Human


That’s what my coach asked me this week, as I was trying to drag my foggy brain, full of cold, into gear to make the most of a clear week before launching into a full on and busy season.

It’s a great question, and one that has two parts.

What do you need?

What will you give yourself?

We don’t always look at these two things together. We don’t always give ourselves what we need.

Do you give yourself a hard time, when what you really need is a break?

Do you give yourself more to worry about when what you need is clarity?

Do you give yourself criticism and distraction when what you really need is an encouraging kick up the backside?

Okay there’s a third part too. A hidden question.

What do you need to ask for?

Sometimes we need to ask for help.

Like when I totally forgot to scope how to get the babysitter home after a meeting last night (yup).

Sometimes we need to recognise that we don’t have to, can’t and shouldn’t do everything ourselves. That there are things other people do well and enjoy doing, if only we’d ask.

Sometimes what we need is someone else to reflect back to us the things they see in us.

The strengths we don’t notice. The achievements we haven’t given ourselves credit for. The energy we radiate even when we feel bone tired. The smile we put on someone’s face, even when we’re struggling. The difference we make, even when we feel inadequate.

This week I realised I needed to give myself clarity, rest and fuel. Which for me translates to working with my own coach, taking baby steps, being picky about what I say yes right now to, getting an earlier night and a bowl of tomato soup with extra garlic and cheesy soldiers.

What about you? What do you need this week? What will you give yourself? What will you ask for?

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  1. Amanda Johnson

    Grace, This week I have needed to give myself:

    a. a kick up the xxx to get motivated with some personal development/studies.

    b. a well done for what I have achieved so far in business over the last 9 months.

    c. time to plan for the forthcoming months so that I can assist all of my clients and add real value to their businesses at the same time as have a baby!

    As for asking for help – not very good at doing that, so will have to think a little more deeper on that one!

    • Grace Marshall

      Brilliant Amanda, love how you just snuck in having a baby in there! Asking for help is seriously underrated and well worth experimenting with 🙂

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