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What do you want to make space for?

13 Jun 2019 | Being Human, Clarity & Focus

There’s a question I like to ask all my subscribers.

If you had an extra hour today, what would you spend it on? And why?

It’s such a good question.

Because far too many productivity conversations are focused solely on ‘saving time’ and efficiency – essentially how to spend less time on the things we’re currently doing.

But what happens when you do free up some time? What do you spend it on?

Would it be that super important thing you keep putting off because there’s “never enough time to do it justice”? Or would you treat yourself to something that feels like a luxury or a guilty pleasure?

Or would it be more of the same?

It’s scary how easy it is to fill our time.

If you’re not clear on what you want to make space for, there’s a chance you’ll just keep doing more of the same. You’ll do more, yes. But more of the same.

Before you know it, your days are just as long, and just as busy – at an even faster pace than before.

What we focus on grows.

If we focus all of our attention on trying to get ‘everything else’ under control, with the best of intentions, we can find ourselves with very little left. What matters ends up perpetually on hold, or getting the dregs of our attention.

But when we’re clear about what matters – and crucially why it matters – even if we’re currently short on time, we’ll start paying attention to it, subconsciously and consciously. We’ll start noticing and looking for opportunities to make it happen.

What about you? What do you want to make space for?


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