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What makes you smile?

26 Jan 2015 | Being Human

Sometimes it’s the silly things. 

Like blowing bubbles, and having cuddly toys in meetings.

Yup, that’s actually what we had in our Ninja Away Day – our team meeting in London last week!

Sometimes it’s the thoughtful things.

A hug, a smile, a note of appreciation. A coffee, a hand on your shoulder, a pause at the end of a conversation, so you can ask the question that’s really behind the question.

Sometimes it’s remembering to celebrate.

A fist bump, an air punch, a high five. Giving yourself a pat on the back. Writing a ta-da list or shouting “woohoo!” out loud.

Whatever it is that makes you smile, make time for it this week.

Because it changes everything.

It stops us from taking ourselves too seriously. It reminds us that there is life outside of the problem we’re staring at.

It gives our brains a chance to reset. To get out of fight, flight, freeze or faff mode, and think properly again – creatively, logically, objectively, intuitively, strategically, clearly…

It gives us fuel. For our motivation, our drive, our vision, our confidence, our physical and emotional energy – even our immune system.

It improves our relationships – with ourselves as well as others. A breath of fresh air that restores our sense of humour and our humanity.

Think back to last week. What made you smile? What changed in that moment? Look for those moments in the week ahead.

What’s going to make you smile this week?


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