What to Do When Everything at Home Explodes

Wow, what a week! Have you ever had one of those weeks when you’re trying to run your business and everything at home just explodes?

Picture this: you have everything planned to precision, juggling your business and home commitments as a fine balancing act. Sometimes you’re on a roll, you’re on top of things and seeing great results in your business too. Then something happens. Not an earthquake, a flood or a fire. One of the kids gets ill. The school closes unexpectedly for the day. Or half term suddenly creeps up on you. And all your plans go out of the window.

What do you do? Shut up shop? Or try and pacify both camps whilst feeling increasingly frustrated and guilt-ridden about the quality of your divided time and attention?

And the scary thing is, kids have a habit of being unpredictable. Last week, just after navigating through half term, my son had an ear infection, my daughter developed chicken pox, I was under the weather myself, and my husband was in India!

Well this is what I’m going to be talking about next week on my no-cost 30-minute teleseminar

“What to Do When Everything at Home Explodes!”

on Tuesday 16th November at 10.30am GMT.

On the agenda:

  • How to avoid the guilt trap and maintain your sanity and stay effective for your family and your business
  • How to run your business in a crisis
  • How to plan and design your business to flexibly fit your family without falling apart or grinding to a halt

Here’s how this works. It’s a short call because I know you’re busy, and there’ll be no big sales pitch. I’ll talk for up to 30 minutes, sharing my experiences, tips and techniques. I’d love to take your questions too, and would be delighted if you would join me live on the call. Alternatively you can email me your questions beforehand or submit them online via the webcast.

Missed the call?

Get your personal takeaway pack, includes:

  • Downloadable recording of this call in mp3 format
  • Written transcript of the call
  • Express action guide


Price £9.95



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