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Who do you want to be today?

3 Nov 2014 | Being Human

Not when you grow up. Not in five years’ time. Today.

If we were about to start working together – in a workshop, or a 1-1 coaching session – one of the first questions I’d ask you is What do you want?

And you might start telling me about what you don’t want – the constant pressure and overwhelm, juggling competing priorities, never getting to the end of the work, feeling guilty, exhausted, out of balance.

You might talk about the brilliant things you’d love to achieve if only you had the time. All that purpose, passion and genius hemmed in by paperwork, meetings and email.

Or you might describe how much better life would be if you could just find a way to calm the chaos, get that creative brain of yours organised, stop procrastinating, get over your inner perfectionist, inner critic or inner magpie.

You’d probably ask me how. How do I stop procrastinating? How do I overcome overwhelm? How do I navigate this chaos, get myself organised, get on top of my emails, find my flow, stop getting distracted, and get everything done?

And I’ll show you how. I have so many beautiful, brilliant, tips, techniques, tools and tricks to show you, each potentially game changing and even life changing in their own way.

But none of it works if you don’t work it. Great ideas only work if you put them into action.

I can show you how, but it’s up to you to make the magic happen.

One thing that often stops us, is that our current reality seems much more real than the life we want to live.

We can have good intentions, brilliant strategy, and a great portfolio of butt-kicking Ninja moves, but when it comes down to it, the current reality that’s in your face – the boss who’s breathing down your neck, that impending deadline, the hot potato that’s just landed in your inbox demanding your immediate attention – can be far more compelling in the moment than the ideal reality we want to create.

In the moment, we decide that the ideal can wait – just for another day. Just until we’ve dealt with this crisis, and the next, or maybe the one after, but definitely soon.

So here’s one question I want to ask you.

Who do you want to be? 

Not what do you want to do – because those things can wait.

Not when you grow up, or when life slows down, or when you’ve got to the end of everything but right here, right now:

Who do you want to be today?

Or rather what version of you do you want to be?

Do you want to be busy you, fearful you, exhausted you, crazy arsed you?

Or do you want to be kind you, alive you, grateful you, brave you, ruthless you, crazy happy you?

A version of you is going to show up today – which one is it going to be?

Choose one. Then make all your decisions today based on that. Let that guide you in choosing which of your Ninja moves to use.

If you choose to be kind today, be kind in how you schedule your day, how to react to changes, how you deal with others, how you speak to yourself.

If you choose to be brave, be brave in your decisions, in your actions, in managing your resistance when fear backs you into a corner and tempts you into procrastination. Every time it counts, do the brave thing.

If you choose to be creative, be creative in the way you answer the phone, do your paperwork, the boring, the mundane, how you focus, how you get over writer’s block, how you solve problems and how you handle a crisis. Whatever comes up, be creative.

Over time, you’ll find you can choose who you want to be in all sorts of different situations, but for today, let’s start really simply.

Choose one. Who do you want to be today?

Declare it – leave a comment here, or better still, share this post on your social media of choice with who you’re choosing to be. Then go live it.

Come back tomorrow and tell me what happened – can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Catherine Poole

    Great post, Grace! I want to be the person who takes action as soon as I get inspiration!

    • Grace Marshall

      I LOVE that Catherine! Can’t wait to hear what you get inspired to get up to today!

  2. Richard Tubb

    Wow! Inspiring post Grace – thank you! Today I want to be satisfied that I focused on the important. So far, so good! 🙂

    • Grace Marshall

      Thank you Richard! Great choice – hope you had a truly satisfying day 🙂

  3. Katrina

    I loved this post Grace!! Today I am choosing to be ‘focused & flowing with my work me.’

    • Grace Marshall

      Thanks Katrina! Enjoy the flow 🙂

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