Whos_the_Boss I love this post I discovered at Geeky Mummy's blog via Josie’s writing workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak.

It all started with the question "Mummy, what is a boss?" which led to a beautiful example of a four year old's impeccable logic.

Oliver was talking about being the boss the other day and I asked him what he thought it meant. He said it means you get to decide what to do. "And when you're the boss of your toys, you can do what you like with them."

"Well you do have to look after them too." I said in response, thinking mainly about his toys, but realising at the same time that of course the same applies to people.

As mums we're great at looking after other people. As our own boss we are in charge of making the decisions, including the ones about looking after ourselves.

I've just written a guest post all about this for Baby Budgeting, that should be appearing later this month as part of the "Looking after ourselves as parents" theme, so I won't give it all away right now. In the meantime, head on over and see what others have written, and what Becky has to say about my ebook too.

Update July 26th: You can read my Baby Budgeting guest post here: Taking Care of Mum

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