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24 Feb 2014 | Being Human


As the dancer twirls, as the tinker taps,
As the torch guides, as truth reveals

As the sun warms, brightens and awakens
As the stars sparkle and the sparks ignite

As a child skips, rolls and tumbles.

Let me live my work like that.
Let me learn to work lightly.

Working lightly is not a burden. Nor is it working little, small or barely. It is full immersion in that which brings life and brings you to life. Playful. Nimble. Agile. Not half-heartedly, perhaps light-heartedly. In a rhythm that sustains, renews, refreshes and satisfies.

These are some thoughts I’ve been pondering lately. Very much a work in progress, but I’d love to know what you think.


  1. Gaelle by the sea

    This is lovely Grace. I am in the midst of organizing an event with a friend and gosh, my life feels full on too. I couldn’t agree with you more that at a time when I am getting refreshed and re-energized I want to find a way to work lightly too. maybe by having more fun and be true to myself, select things that resonate in me rather than the ones that sound like they have other people’s name on it… I am trying to turn something on it’s head, maybe I should stand upside down? why not if it means that I feel I am walking on a happier path…

    • Grace Marshall

      Glad to inspire your thoughts Gaelle. Being true to yourself applies to ‘how’ you do as well as ‘what’ you do. If something isn’t a good fit, you can choose to let it go, or you can choose to approach it in a way that is more authentic, refreshing and energising.

  2. Rosemary Nonny Knight

    Lovely Blog post here. It does bring a sense of lightness as I read through it. The way work can be when we are doing what we are made to do, no care for what others think, no stressing about what we look like or try to get ‘there’ . Just immersion in the thing that drives out hearts. I love it!

    • Grace Marshall

      Thanks Rosemary! It’s definitely a good reminder to check in with what’s driving me 🙂

  3. naomirichards

    I interpreted this as working in a different way. Not too serious, playful and also have the right kind of balance that makes you happy working but also giving you the freedom to do other things too. Interesting blog Grace.

    • Grace Marshall

      Thanks Naomi. I love how possibilities open up when we decide not to take ourselves or our work too seriously 🙂

  4. Jacqui

    Thanks Grace – just about to share this with my team 🙂 lovely 🙂

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