Working together to equip your people

Your people are busy. Juggling multiple demands on their time and attention. Battling back-to-back meetings, overflowing inboxes, constant interruptions and ever-growing to-do lists. They are talented and ambitious with challenging goals, and you want to support them to be at their best.

In a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world, traditional time management techniques just don’t cut it anymore.

Grace Marshall

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We need a fresh way of working. One that allows your people to thrive, to perform at their best and to do so sustainably.

Replacing stress and overwhelm with playful, productive momentum.

As a Productivity Ninja with global productivity training company Think Productive, I have the pleasure of working with teams and organisations of all shapes and sizes, to practically transform the way that they work:

  • reclaiming clarity & control over their workload
  • getting inboxes to zero (yes, really!)
  • making meetings rare and ridiculously productive
  • cutting through the noise of digital overwhelm
  • reestablishing a healthy work-life rhythm
  • and much more

Whether it’s your immediate team or the wider organisation you want to support, let’s chat about what’s going on for you and how I can help.

Relatable approach

“Grace is a pleasure to work with and has bought a fresh and exciting approach to training for our Business Services groups.

Grace’s approach is fresh and exciting but more importantly it is so relatable, providing delegates with really helpful and realistic tips to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

We have run a number of session and now have many more scheduled to help more of our people to be productivity ninjas!”

Joanna Scott

L&D Manager Business Services, Clyde & Co

Insightful, wisdom-filled observations

“Grace’s insightful, wisdom-filled observations of how we can live more productive and whole lives have unlocked new ways of thinking and operating across our team.”

Matt Johnson

Managing Director, Form


“Would like to do it again! Was a really great session and my whole team loved it. Grace was great. Been thinking about nothing else for last 48 hours! Amazing.”

Andrea Newman

Global Head of Brand, HSBC Group

Perfect mix of support, challenge and good humour

“Thanks again for all your support at Aintree, the workshops were excellent and we’ve had fantastic feedback from the team. The NHS is an incredibly busy and challenging environment to work in and the tools / techniques we all learned were invaluable. The workshop style was different to anything we’d done before, in a really positive way, it’s great to start to implement changes there and then – they certainly stick much better! I think if we’d had a theoretical session and been left to implement in our own time it may never have happened. We all liked your personal style – the perfect mix of support, challenge and good humour.”

Denise Smith

Divisional Director of Operations (Medicine), Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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