Whether you’re looking to equip and energise your immediate team
or spark a productivity and wellbeing transformation throughout your organisation, I’d love to help.

As a Productivity Ninja with global productivity training company Think Productive I’ve deliver practical productivity workshops where your people start changing how they work straight away. With our unique ‘at-desk coaching’ approach, we get inboxes to zero, make meetings more effective, and implement new productivity systems on the day.

All workshops and keynotes are now available as live virtual interactive online sessions.

Attention Management

How to be a Productivity Ninja™ (Full day workshop)

Avoid Distraction, Get Your Best Work Done, Make Space for What Matters!

Overwhelmed? Struggling with information overload? By the end of this, our highly practical, flagship workshop you will have implemented the systems and techniques set out in Graham Allcott’s ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ to help you regain clarity and control.

The Way of the Productivity Ninja (90 minute Keynote)

Be Inspired, Form New Habits, and Create Change Today!

Time is not your most precious resource: your attention is. We’ll introduce to you the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™, inspiring your team to reflect and make specific changes to improve productivity and wellbeing habits.


“Would like to do it again! Was a really great session and my whole team loved it. Grace was great. Been thinking about nothing else for last 48 hours! Amazing.”

Andrea Newman, Global Head of Brand HSBC Group

Remote Working

The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Working From Home (90 min keynote)

Being agile, balanced and focussed from your kitchen table

Struggling with the change of environment, the loss of routines and new ways of working? We will help your people tackle the physical, practical, psychological and communications challenges of this new work from home world. So they can make WFH actually work sustainably for them.

Leading Remote Teams (2 hour workshop)

Productivity and wellbeing when you can’t see your people

This interactive session will help managers lead a high performing team when the focus shifts to remote working. We provide a vision for how working remotely can actually be an improvement on being ‘stuck in an office’ and deal with the practical ways to create the right culture for productivity and wellbeing – even when you don’t control the physical environment.


Great workshop. Grace was amazing. It was nice feeling that I am not alone in the feelings I have about working from home. Really great practical useful tips about how to manage working from home better.

Chloe Evans, HR Advisor, Centrepoint

Meetings Management

Fixing Meetings (3 hour workshop)

Making Meetings Rare, Fun and Productive Again.

In this highly practical workshop, we’ll empower your people to reduce how much time they spend in meetings and make the ones they do attend ridiculously productive. Let’s create a culture where no one has to sit in a pointless meeting ever again!

Supercharge Your Virtual Meetings (2 hour webinar)

Up Your Game. Run Amazing Virtual Meetings Where Everyone Stays Awake & Online

We’re on a mission to make online meetings engaging and productive. Join
us for this live virtual workshop, where we work practically to create change
on the day and empower every participant to positively disrupt bad or
outdated meeting habits.


Loved it and really looking forward to receiving our meetings manifesto and watch everyone meet with renewed gusto

Jane Whalen, Chief Executive, Liverpool Students Union

Email Management

Getting Your Inbox to Zero (3 hour workshop)

Get Email Overload Under Control.

Spend half a day with us and we’ll help your team get their actual real inbox to zero and give them the tools to help convert emails into actions as well as tips, tricks and Ninja-style email moves for your organisation’s software.

Email Etiquette (3 hour workshop)

We Get The Email We Deserve!

It’s time to overhaul your team’s use of email and make it an ally for playful, productive momentum again! We’ll share our Productivity Ninja™ approach to much, much better email, ask your team to reflect on how their email habits affect others and get them to commit to steps to improve your email culture.


Five years ago I attended your workshop. Still going strong with my second brain. Inbox still at zero.

Katy Barnes, Head of Trading, Sky

Growth and Leadership

One-to-One Productivity Consultancy for Business Leaders (Full Day)

Role model zen-like calm, making space for what matters and wellbeing for your people.

Workload and constant email bombardment taken over your life? Our Productivity Ninja® will spend a day with you at the office, to help you get regain control, clarity and space for big-picture, strategic thinking.

Delegate Like A Productivity Ninja (3 hour workshop)

Empower Your Team. Reclaim Your Time.

Delegating and doing it brilliantly empowers your team to think and to problem solve in new innovative ways. We share our approach to brilliant delegation and reveal the unstoppable personal and wider benefits, to reclaim your time and empower your team.

Ready for a productivity and well-being transformation? Let’s talk.

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